FloMax Sand Screens

Our FloMax Elite sand screen is the lighter version of the product line with a lighter metal mesh which has been specifically engineered to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance and strength. It is rated for most field applications.

The FloMax Ultra sand screen offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance.  The premium design features a five-layer metal mesh filtration system for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection. The innovative pressure-fit assembly ensures the premium mesh layers achieve the highest burst and collapse rating, and results in a mechanically robust screen.  This can be mechanically handled at surface and deployed through milled windows and tight doglegs downhole.

Tendeka’s FloMax Direct wire wrapped screens range offers both conventional slip-on and wrap-on pipe variations. Jackets are available in standard service 316LSS or CRA alloy as required.  Wire profiles are available with a heavy-duty design for maximum erosion resistance.  Wrapped screens are shrink fitted to the perforated base pipe via the end-rings, providing maximum strength to withstand high shear, compaction and torque loads.

FloMax Compact slip-on sand screen provides sand control whilst allowing flexibility to re-dress on site.

close-up of metal mesh