FloCompact Range

Tendeka’s FloCompact Sand Screen Range has been designed to provide sand control whilst still maintaining the benefits of being a slide-on screen to enable re-dressing on site.  The screen is designed to be grub screwed in place to allow the screen and housing to be removed and the  interchangeability on inflow control devices.  This product combines the benefits of Tendeka’s extensively run welded sand screens with providing the flexibility for re-dressing, using an anchoring method proven with our range of Zonal Isolation sleeves.

The sand screen can be deployed as a stand-alone option (FloMax) or in conjunction with Tendeka’s passive (FloRight) or autonomous (FloSure) inflow control devices to regulate flow and create a highly effective sand control solution.  These screens are also compatible with the newest generation of injection and production valve technology from Tendeka, including FloCheck, FloExtreme and FloFuse ranges

It can also be used with our SwellRight open hole packers to compartmentalize a section of the well for maximum sand or conformance control.