Sand Control

Tendeka’s focus on keeping formation sand in place and delivering an evenly distributed flow profile has resulted in the creation of a portfolio of specialised sand control options.

Tendeka manufactures and supplies premium metal mesh and direct wrap sand screens. Our screens can be configured for deployment as standalone, integral to a gravel pack or be combined with inflow control technology.  All Tendeka screens are designed, manufactured and fully qualified to meet ISO 17824 V1 standard and have undergone rigorous testing.

Our robust FloMax screen systems have been developed to offer a high standard of sand retention and fines tolerance.  Independent tests show that Tendeka screens extend equipment life, maintain productivity and maximise yield.


  • Sand and conformance control
  • Unconsolidated formations
  • Horizontal completions
  • Open-hole packer completions
  • Heavy oil and HPHT wells
  • Production and injection wells