DTS Solutions

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Solutions systems gives you the tool to continuously obtain measurements in real-time along the entire length of your wellbore.  Tendeka offers 2 such systems – DTS Solutions and SureSight DTS.

Tendeka DTS Solutions

The Tendeka DTS Solutions is the most technologically advanced distributed temperature sensing system available.  It leads the way in terms of performance in DTS technology, the fastest measurement speeds available and the greatest coverage of up to 50km from a single channel.  Based on analysis of Raman Backscatter signals in an optical fiber, DTS systems use a combination of variations in back-scattered light intensity and time domain reflectometry to create temperature against distance profiles.  The fiber acts as both a sensing element and transmission medium.

Surface Acquisition Unit

The self-contained DTS Solutions surface system operates with an intuitive user interface, allowing for fast and simple calibration and configuration. The system has been designed with safety in mind and has been tested to some of the industry’s most rigorous standards.

Tendeka provides the full solution – from system engineering and design to installation, data interpretation services and global support services.

SureSight DTS

The SureSight range of DTS cables provides maximum protection to the sensing fiber, providing the operator with more visibility as to what is happening in the reservoir.  SureSight has been designed for rapid assembly and field installation to minimise rig downtime and can be deployed in any section of the completion.  Furthermore, in case of accidental damage the cable can be repaired at the well site without any interruption to operation.