Managing data sets of multiple wells and remote wells to provide rapid access anywhere in the world

DataServer creates an automated data recovery, validation and retention system that optimises the workflow of getting data from the well to the applications and users that need it. The optimisation process can save person-hours and infrastructure costs as well as eliminate data translation errors.

Cloud-based or client-hosted, DataServer is used to automatically import and fully manage all types of well data including optical path, DxS, log and point. In addition, the system can store non-measurement data and documents such as field images, reports and production logs, allowing all related information to reside in one location and tied to the associated well and fiber.

Both single-well, single-fiber and multi-well, single-fiber installations are supported. An integrated rules-based engine and pre-processor ensure that only valid data is imported and assigned to the appropriate fiber.

A web-based user interface enables quick visualization and management of data from anywhere in the world, APSensing both desktop and mobile devices, and allows seamless integration to modelling tools such as FloQuest.