Reservoir Monitoring

The value of reservoir monitoring comes not from the sensors but from actionable results

At Tendeka, we provide a full system approach to reservoir monitoring from hardware and field services to advanced software solutions and interpretation expertise which can provided as individual elements or as a complete solution.

As pioneers in fiber optic monitoring, we have developed unique solutions for managing large data sets and integrating well data for effective interpretation whether your wells are hundred of miles from your nearest location or part of a fully integrated digital oilfield.

Whether your focus is production surveillance, downhole issues diagnosis or production enhancement design, Tendeka makes sure your intervention and production decisions are based on the clearest possible picture of multiphase flow.


  • Well performance monitoring
  • Production and injection rate calculation
  • Gas lift valve monitoring
  • Production and injection optimization
  • ICD/ICV design

OSIsoft EcoSphere

Tendeka’s partnership with OSIsoft enables PI Server users the ability to integrate their fiber-optic and downhole measurement data with sophisticated software solutions. The integrated  solution lets users access raw data production data, perform downhole analysis and visualization as well as production optimization and modeling all from within a single, powerful user experience. The ability to combine disparate data and results from multiple systems offers users an unparalleled look into a well’s production.