Scale Management

Tendeka offers ScaleFix, a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly and technically superior scale management solutions. The ScaleFix range comprises scale dissolvers for sulfate, carbonate and sulfide scale removal as well as a multi-functional scale inhibitor to provide life of well scale management. Highly skilled chemists evaluate the environment and recommend the appropriate treatment to initially remove the problematic scale and subsequently recommend a scale inhibition program.

ScaleFix SSD sulfate scale dissolver has the ability to dissolve extremely high amounts of sulfate scale even at low temperatures. The system has proven to dissolve the most challenging of barium sulfate scales built up on completion equipment and within the formation resulting in significant increases in productivity.

ScaleFix MSD mineral scale dissolver is a high-performance metal sulfide dissolver designed to efficiently remove metal sulfide scale with the unique attribute of not generating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ScaleFix CSD carbonate scale dissolver is a high performance modified acid designed to have equivalent carbonate scale removal performance to hydrochloric acid without the associated corrosion and health and safety hazards.

ScaleFix MSI is a multi-functional scale inhibitor that prevents the formation of scale and has proven to be highly effective for elongated periods of time in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.