MajiFrac Solution

The MajiFrac Solution is the smart combination of the following:

  • A new thermally stable Modified Wireline Acid system
  • Tendeka’s acid resistant FracRight Composite Plug
  • A pre-pad stage of oil based ShaleModifier that serves to alter the wettability of the formation, so that both oil and water are repelled
  • MajiFrac-HVFR-5SA, a high viscosity friction reducer optimized for use in hundred percent produced water

The Modified Acid system is available to the market and already in-use by various North American operators. It shows far superior performance properties compared to hydrochloric acid (HCl) or urea-based acids, without the extremely hazardous/negative exposure, transport, effluent, and corrosive properties associated with HCl.

This Modified Acid system is a replacement for HCl blends that can be prepared in produced water, utilized and exposed to perforating tools and wireline at high temperatures over long periods with minimal effect. This system allows operators to pump acid with the perforating guns and composite plug, reducing time per stage and saving up to a wellbore volume of water per stage. Superior formation breakdown is experienced with this acid and since the acid is in place when the perforations are created, it is more likely that all perforations are cleaned of debris helping to more uniformly place the fracturing treatment.

Tendeka’s FracRight Composite Plug has been tested and proven to be unaffected by the modified acid, and its superior design deploys the plug to its setting depth with less water than other leading industry plugs. The design of the FracRight Composite Plug makes it possible to be run in excess of 400ft/min in the vertical and above 300ft/min in the lateral section of the well without it setting prematurely. Furthermore, the fast mill-out time of the FracRight Composite Plug also contributes towards reducing operating time.

Tendeka’s MajiFrac family of high viscosity friction reducers, are designed and manufactured in house by Tendeka’s Production Enhancement team.