Enhanced Oil Recovery

At Tendeka, we recognize that not one single chemistry will provide an enhanced recovery solution for every formation type so we offer our customers a variety of Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions for conventional and unconventional reservoirs and through a candidate selection process and/or laboratory evaluation, the best suited chemistry is recommended for a given formation.

Tendeka’s Enhanced Oil Recovery solutions include the Zymol range of environmentally friendly biosurfactant additives designed to stimulate production in oil and gas wells and improve reservoir recovery. The Zymol range offers a cost-effective solution to optimizing production by addition to the initial fracturing fluid or as a post-decline squeeze treatment. Both approaches have proven to be highly impactful in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and increased production by up to 400% post treatment.

Tendeka also offers The Titan Process, an organic oil recovery solution in the Gulf of Mexico. The Titan Process involves feeding indigenous microbes with a custom-formulated biodegradable organic nutrient so that the microbes exponentially multiply. The microbes interact with the immobile trapped oil and thereby alter the interfacial tension of the oil causing microscopic droplets to form. The micro oil droplets are then released and can be produced back to the surface unlocking trapped oil.

Both solutions provide environmentally friendly, highly effective solutions to optimized production and increased reservoir recovery with a quick return on investment and in some cases, substantial tax benefits.