Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery (EHR)

We recognize that not one single chemistry will provide the ultimate production recovery on every single formation. Therefore, we offer our customers with a variety of Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Solutions and through a candidate selection process and/or laboratory evaluation, the best suited chemistry is recommended for a given formation. We offer various specialty chemistries including enzymes, surface modifiers and advanced microbial chemistries. We are the exclusive distributor of The Titan Process in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tendeka’s Production Enhancement and Subsurface Engineering teams work together on innovating solutions that address conformance improvement, or distribution of Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery (EHR) treatments along long laterals and increasing recovery factors of unconventional formations.

Commonly known as ‘huff and puff’ control, Tendeka’s ReFlow Control Advanced Completion technology deploys the company’s proprietary FloCheck Injection and FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICDs) to optimize EHR methods. FloCheck Injection allows controlled flow in the injection direction only and is used to balance the distribution of gas injection along the length of the wellbore. FloSure AICDs are an active flow control device which manage the early back-production of gas and delivers a variable flow restriction in response to the properties (viscosity) of the fluid or gas flowing through it.

When used in a horizontal well and segmented into multiple compartments with Tendeka’s SwellRight series of swellable open hole isolation solutions, this design prevents excessive production of gas after breakthrough occurs in one or more compartments producing gas. This results in more effective pressure maintenance and extended soak times and ultimately, an increase reservoir recovery.

In combination with novel chemistries, subsurface engineering & design and reservoir monitoring, ReFlow Control provides an optimized solution in gas EHR.