Production Enhancement

Tendeka’s global Production Enhancement Technology and Fluid Field Service Support product line serves to not only help E&P companies extract every drop of energy from their reservoirs with innovative fracturing, acidizing and EOR solutions but to do so with proven solutions that address challenges.

For E&P companies operating in the US unconventional shale market, Tendeka offers innovative solutions like The MajiFrac Solution.

The MajiFrac Solution is an environmentally responsible solution that combines four distinct technologies sequentially deployed that results in less pump time, lower cost, reduced water consumption, increased production, and at the same time enables the use of hundred percent produced water.


Fluid Field Service Support, Manufacturing & Distribution

Optimization of fracturing fluids should not stop at the laboratory or in the office, especially when prepared with higher percentages of produced water. The content of the produced water can change in short periods of time and there are many variables that can influence the performance of a high viscosity friction reducer. Therefore, it is critical to optimize the fluid system in the field with the produced water right before the treatment.

Fluid optimization in the field helps Tendeka’s customers solve fluid problems before they happen by detecting fluid incompatibilities. To address this challenge, Tendeka also provides chemical management of its technology along with logistical support.

Tendeka has manufacturing and warehouse distribution capability near Houston, Dallas and in the Midland Basin.