Production Valves

Tendeka has created a range of valves for enhancing oil recovery whilst providing an evenly distributed flow profile for multiple well applications.  Our portfolio is interchangeable with Tendeka sand control screen ranges.

  • FloSure – the award-winning FloSure Autonomous inflow control device (AICD) has been deployed successfully in light and heavy oil wells to overcome water or gas breakthrough and ensure uniform production longevity. The device preferentially chokes unwanted produced fluids whilst promoting production of oil from the entire length of the well.
  • FloRight – FloRight Passive ICD is designed to promote uniform production or injection from the entire length of a horizontal well
  • FloFuse Production – autonomous production control device designed to limit the liquid rate from a high fracture section in the reservoir
  • FloCheck Production – provides a high-rate check valve functionality for multi-zone producers with differentially depleted reservoirs