Liner Deployment Valves

Tendeka has developed a range of valves designed to aid deployment.

FloRight Dissolve – dissolvable nozzle for isolating tubing and annulus during run in hole

FloCheck – enables fluid pump through eliminating the requirement of an inner string.  In production mode, the check valve opens and allows the nozzle to produce like a conventional ICD

  • FloCheck Elite screen is a premium mesh screen which has been specifically engineered to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance and strength.
  • FloCheck Ultra screen offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance. The mechanically robust premium mesh design features a five-layer system for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection.
  • FloCheck Direct wire wrapped screens range offers both conventional slip-on and wrap-on pipe variations.
  • FloCheck Compact screen provides sand control whilst allowing flexibility to re-dress on site utilising a slip on screen.
  • FloCheck Compact Sub provides sand control whilst utilising short subs which can be shrouded for sandstone applications.
  • FloCheck Shroud screen provides a filter to debris whilst being a cost-effective solution to a standard wire wrap or premium mesh screen.