FloSure Bypass Valve

Tendeka’s FloSure Bypass Valve (BPV) is designed for treatment of the completion annulus and near wellbore in wells completed with Inflow Control Device (ICD) technology.

Inflow control devices can provide great improvements in inflow performance but are designed to either restrict or prevent fluids from passing from the production tubular into the wellbore annulus.  A check valve functionality can also be beneficial during deployment to enable effective circulation of well fluids, and during production to prevent cross-flow between zones.  To enable the ICD to be bypassed if chemical treatment of the annulus or near wellbore is required, the FloSure BPV can be deployed to allow higher rate treatments to be performed.

The FloSure BPV is deployed within the ICD housing and can be run per joint, per zone or in multiples within a single joint, dependent on the rate or placement requirements.  The BPV is designed for use with a wide range of fluids including acids and gas, making it very adaptable for well control.