FloExtreme is designed for Inflow Control Device (ICD) wells where there is a risk of erosion downstream of the ICD due to exiting fluid velocities, e.g. water injection wells, oil production wells and gas production wells requiring high dP across the ICD.  The FloExtreme ICD is installed within a conventional ICD housing and feature a sacrificial tungsten carbide energy dissipation point downstream of the ICD nozzle. Flow is diverted into multiple exit points reducing the flow velocity and preventing impingement of the flow on the base pipe for production wells and ICD housing for water injection wells.

  • FloExtreme Production (oil production wells and gas production wells)
  • FloExtreme Injection (water injection wells)

FloExtreme Screen Ranges

  • FloExtreme Elite screen is a premium mesh screen which has been specifically engineered to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance and strength.
  • FloExtreme Ultra screen offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance. The mechanically robust premium mesh design features a five-layer system for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection.
  • FloExtreme Direct wire wrapped screens range offers both conventional slip-on and wrap-on pipe variations.
  • FloExtreme Compact screen provides sand control whilst allowing flexibility to re-dress on site utilising a slip on screen.
  • FloExtreme Compact Sub provides sand control whilst utilising short subs which can be shrouded for sandstone applications.
  • FloExtreme Shroud screen provides a filter to debris whilst being a cost-effective solution to a standard wire wrap or premium mesh screen.