FloCheck Production & Injection

FloCheck Dissolve

Tendeka’s FloCheck Dissolve valve acts as a passive ICD, and consists of a neutrally buoyant thermoplastic ball and dissolvable material cage, in addition to the standard passive device nozzle of required size.  FloCheck Dissolve provides a temporary checking mechanism allowing injection of fluids/acid stimulation after setting the liner.  Full-bore access is regained once the checking mechanism disappears over time.

FloCheck Injection

Tendeka’s FloCheck Injection Valve is designed for treatment of the completion annulus and near wellbore in wells completed with Inflow Control Device (ICD) technology.

Inflow control devices can provide great improvements in inflow performance but are designed to either restrict or prevent fluids from passing from the production tubular into the wellbore annulus.  A check valve functionality can also be beneficial during deployment to enable effective circulation of well fluids, and during production to prevent crossflow between zones.  To enable the ICD to be bypassed if chemical treatment of the annulus or near wellbore is required, the FloCheck Injection valve can be deployed to allow higher rate treatments to be performed.

The FloCheck Injection Valve is deployed within the ICD housing and can be run per joint, per zone or in multiples within a single joint, dependent on the rate or placement requirements.  The valve is designed for use with a wide range of fluids including acids and gas, making it very adaptable for well control.

FloCheck Production

FloCheck Production provides a high-rate check valve functionality for multi-zone producers with differentially depleted reservoirs. Mounted within a sand screen and compatible with gravel packing operations, FloCheck Production allows prevention of crossflow into lower pressured zones.

FloCheck Production was initially developed and qualified for high-rate gas wells but can be applied to any new or existing producer well where crossflow issues arise.

FloCheck Screen Ranges

  • FloCheck Production / Injection Elite screen is a premium mesh screen which has been specifically engineered to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance and strength.
  • FloCheck Production / Injection Ultra screen offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance. The mechanically robust premium mesh design features a five-layer system for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection.
  • FloCheck Production / Injection Direct wire wrapped screens range offers both conventional slip-on and wrap-on pipe variations.
  • FloCheck Production / Injection Compact screen provides sand control whilst allowing flexibility to re-dress on site utilising a slip-on screen.
  • FloCheck Production / Injection Compact Sub provides sand control whilst utilising short subs which can be shrouded for sandstone applications.
  • FloCheck Production / Injection Shroud screens provide a filter to debris whilst being a cost-effective solution to standard wire wrap or premium mesh screens.