Inflow Control

Tendeka’s focus on ensuring an evenly distributed flow profile has resulted in the creation of a specialized range of inflow control solutions.

Inflow Control Device (ICD) technology is applied to enable the effective management of reservoir sweep in horizontal wells . Long horizontal wells can increase productivity and recovery of oil by increasing reservoir contact.

However, uneven production due to reservoir heterogeneity, fractures or frictional pressure losses along the length of the horizontal bore can lead to early water or gas breakthrough. ICDs located along the length of the horizontal wellbore apply an engineered pressure drop to manage inflow of fluids into the completion, thereby mitigating these problems.

ICD technology has been successfully applied in both sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.

Tendeka provides a specialised range of fully interchangeable, field-adjustable, nozzle-based ICDs which are engineered for a wide range of applications. They are integrated into the lower completion either with sand screens, or within short subs for non-sanding applications.