SwellRight Packers

Tendeka’s SwellRight Swellable Packers provide a permanent packer solution suitable for many applications where a pressure seal or zonal isolation is required.  SwellRight packers help reduce well construction costs, extend well life and improve well integrity.  These permanent packers provide the long-term stability and reliability required to isolate producing zones and are able to react to subsequent changes in the wellbore geometry.

The SwellRight Feed-Thru Packer provides all the benefits of the standard SwellRight packer, but are compatible to use with 0.25″ control lines. Multiple slots can be built into the packer to house the non-encapsulated lines whilst still maintaining the required pressure requirements. The Feed-Thru installation tool simplifies the operation for installing the control lines on site.

Tendeka also offers the SwellRight Ultra Packer, a cost-effective solution for high pressure applications, providing the highest pressure rating on the swellable market.  Enabling the customer to utilise smaller pup joints, Tendeka’s SwellRight Ultra Packers can effectively reduce the amount of rubber element required for high pressure applications, for use in horizontal and vertical wells for up to 10,000psi.

Our Retrievable SwellRight Packer option has been designed to isolate the wellbore while enabling the easy removal of the entire assembly from the wellbore without any milling operations.