FracRight Range


Tendeka has developed the FracRight system, a top-to-bottom solution for selective multi-zone stimulation in open or cased-hole applications.  FracRight brings together a number of field proven technologies in one high quality system. This drop-ball activated fracturing system enables the installation of multiple sleeves, so that each zone can be stimulated to maximize production. Sleeves are opened by pumping a ball from the surface to allow for stimulation of a selected zone.  This system helps operators ensure stimulation jobs are cost-effective by fracturing the maximum number of zones in a single trip.

FracRight Plug

Tendeka’s FracRight range of composite frac plugs are rated to 10,000psi at 375°F, and are available in a full range of sizes. Comprised of proprietary high temperature composites and polyamides, and having minimal metallic content, FracRight plugs can be milled quickly and easily.

FracRight DHP Packer

Used to deploy the multi-stage system, the Tendeka FracRight DHP packer combines the liner hanger and packer into one component with the aim of reducing operator completion costs.  The hydraulic-set permanent packer comes with an anti-pre-set feature that prevents premature pack-off during running in hole. With a working pressure of 10,000psi, 350,000lbs load capacity and a range of receptacle lengths available, the FracRight DHP is designed specifically for highly deviated wells.

FracRight Toe Sleeve

The FracRight Toe Sleeve is a frac initiation sleeve designed for the toe area of the horizontal wells.  It has a high pressure rating giving the operator the ability to test the casing annulus, then increase pressure to hydraulically open the launch.  The tool can then be the first stage of the frac job through the large ports.


FracRight Multi Sleeve

The FracRight Multi sleeve greatly increases the number of fracturing stages available and reduces overall completion time.

Using Tendeka’s unique nozzle technology between three and five sleeves can be operated, with a single ball opening each stage ready for stimulation. Each series of sleeves is configured with specifically sized nozzles to evenly distribute surface pump pressure across each of the sleeves.

With over 60 stages available for stimulation, operators are able to extend both the lateral length and stages per well, whilst maintaining stimulation control of each zone.

FracRight Solo Sleeve

The FracRight Solo sleeve has been designed to meet the high demands of today’s fracturing and stimulation applications.  As part of the FracRight multi-stage fracturing system, each sleeve is opened in sequence by circulating a ball down to the integral ball seat and applying a pressure differential to shear that sleeve into a locked open position. The ball is held on the seat during stimulation to protect lower zones from overburden.

FracRight DHP Packer Datasheet FracRight Diff Sleeve Datasheet FracRight Solo Sleeve Datasheet FracRight Toe Sleeve Datasheet