Hydraulic Fracturing

Tendeka’s focus on controlling flow to create effective zonal isolation has resulted in the creation of a high efficiency integrated multi-stage fracturing system.

The drive to produce hydrocarbons from layered formations such as laminated shales and interbedded lithologies has led to a sharp rise in the number of wells requiring multi-level hydraulic stimulation.

Based on our track record in the US frac market, Tendeka has developed the FracRight system, a top-to-bottom solution for selective multi-zone stimulation in open- or cased-hole applications.  FracRight brings together a number of field proven technologies in one high quality system. This drop-ball activated fracturing system enables the installation of multiple sleeves, so that each zone can be stimulated to maximize production. Sleeves are opened by pumping a ball from the surface to allow for stimulation of a selected zone.  This system helps operators ensure stimulation jobs are cost-effective by fracturing the maximum number of zones in a single trip.