Tendeka provide a broad range of products to meet the requirements and challenges of operating both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. We have developed solutions to cover everything from traditional oil and gas production, to heavy oil and coalbed methane extraction. Light or heavy, sweet or sour, liquid or gas, Tendeka will help you maximise production across your entire field.


Just because a reservoir is conventional, does not mean you need to take the most conventional approach. From oil and gas production, to water injection, at Tendeka, we pride ourselves on using innovation to help our customers add value to their conventional completion operations.


As time passes, an ever-decreasing number of viable conventional wells demands more inventive approaches to production. Whether extracting heavy oil, coalbed methane, or shale gas, through solutions for unconventional reservoirs it is Tendeka’s mission to help our customers achieve greater efficiency in the face of increasingly challenging conditions.

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