Tendeka release Oryx XR DTS – a 12 Km range system

October 14, 2010

Tendeka is proud to announce the release of the Sensornet Oryx XR- DTS. The new Oryx-XR is designed for harsh environments and is ideal for monitoring applications from desert to sub zero conditions.

This new DTS system has a range of 12 km; it can operate in temperatures from -5 deg C to + 65 deg C, and has a sampling resolution of 1 m.

Summary of sensing capabilities:

Range – 0-12 km
Sampling resolution – 1 m
Temperature resolution – from 0.01 deg C
Operating temperature range -5 deg C to + 65 deg C

The Oryx XR DTS is the most technologically advanced distributed temperature sensing system designed for harsh environments today. This autonomous, low powered device allows the system to be powered by solar or wind power, and it features an inbuilt multiplexing module with either 2 or 4 channels, enabling up to 4 single ended measurements or 2 double-ended measurements.

Combined with satellite, radio link, or fibre communications the Oryx XR is a powerful remote logging unit.

The system is packaged in a standalone unit which contains the sensing optoelectronics. The system operates with an intuitive, user-friendly software interface, making it a simple-to-use and easily transportable system.

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