Tendeka Mini-Elements have major impact in SCSSV Repair

January 8, 2013

Good things come in small packages and Tendeka’s range of mini-elements have proved to be a cost-effective way of helping extend the working life of downhole
safety valves.
The swellable ‘o’-rings and sealing systems have been designed by our materials scientists to achieve reliable isolation performance across a variety of temperatures and salinity profiles thanks to the development of proprietary elastomer technology. The oil and water swellable elastomers operate in temperatures ranging from 32°F (0°C) up to 480°F (250°C) and are pressure rated at up to 7,500 psi. They deliver reliable sealing and isolation specific to the client’s requirements.
Our swell packer technology has been successfully deployed to extend the working life of SCSSV valves. For example, a North Sea operator recently discovered that the integrity of a 3.813” SCSSV valve could not be regained and it appeared that the only viable option was to shut the well in.
Our solution was to design a seal which was robust enough to hold 5,000 psi differential pressure and could be easily retrieved on the valve when required. This extended the life of the SCSSV and removed the need for a costly work over which would have entailed pulling the completion to replace the entire system.

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