Tendeka installs DTS in horizontal well

April 19, 2011

Specialist in completions and reservoir monitoring products and services Tendeka has successfully installed its innovative harsh environment Oryx-XR distributed temperature sensing (DTS) monitoring system on a horizontal power water injection well in the United Arab Emirates for ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations).

The project is the first high profile extreme reach horizontal injector DTS installation by Tendeka in the Middle East. The horizontal open section of the well was 10,000ft long.

Designed to overcome the toughest monitoring challenges, the Oryx-XR has a sensing range to 12km, and can provide a temperature resolution as fine as 0.010C.

The autonomous, low powered device provides temperature samples every metre along a fibre, with a wide operating temperature window of between -5C to 65C, and can operate by solar or wind power. The permanant, standalone unit contains the sensing optoelectronics and operates remotely with an intuitive, user-friendly software interface, making it a simple-to-use and easily transportable system.

The Oryx-XR features an inbuilt multiplexing module with either two or four channels, enabling up to four single ended measurements or two double-ended measurements.

Completion tubing of 3 ½” and 4 ½” with a DTS cable was successfully run to total depth in the 10,000ft 6 1/8” horizontal hole, the hanger was landed and the packer installed. The project was completed successfully.

The system, will provide ADCO with dynamic injection profile data to effectively monitor the injectivity performance of the well and enable optimisation of the injection process

Tendeka Vice President-MENA Region Mark Watson said: “What could have been a challenging project actually turned out to be a very straight forward one, thanks to the skill and experience of those people involved.

“The completion tubing with the DTS cable attached ran smoothly with very low friction and the installed hanger and packer tested with no problems. The Oryx-XR was designed to deal with some of the toughest monitoring situations, such as horizontal well activity and increasingly complex wells, and it has proven its ability to meet those challenges.”

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