Tendeka composite plugs drill out in record time

July 3, 2014

Tendeka’s composite bridge plug range offers operators a cost-effective means of isolating multiple-stage cased hole fracture jobs with rapid removal after frac and have been used extensively in shale plays across N America.

One recent operation in the Barnett with 15, 5 1/2″ frac plugs and one bridge plug were all successfully drilled out in record time.

The composite bridge plug range can be used for temporary isolation in all wells: vertical, highly deviated, horizontal or multilateral. The plugs can reduce drill-out time and casing damage compared to industry standard composite bridge plugs, with a significant decrease in drill-out time (10 to 20 minutes depending on the type of bit and drill conditions), subsequently reducing the cost to operators when carrying out temporary isolation.

Commenting on the operation, Tendeka’s Jake Butler said: “The operator chose plugs following the unsatisfactory drill out of the standard composite bridge plugs currently used within shale applications. Plugs can be run up to a speed of 300 feet per minute and configured to the needs of the operator.  This is particularly useful for fracturing operations in both single and multiple zone stimulation applications.”

The composite bridge plug range offers better grip and a serrated tooth design to cut through grease and dirt. It has up to 14,000psi (above) / 11,000psi (below) ratings and can operate in conditions up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. They are comprised of proprietary aerospace grade composite material that ensures a low metallic content and maintains its mechanical properties across the full temperature range resulting in consistent drill out times and reliable plug removal.