Tendeka celebrates 10,000 FloSure AICD installations globally

March 5, 2015

Tendeka, the provider of completions systems and services to the upstream oil and gas industry, has reached a landmark in the growing demand for its leading FloSureTM autonomous inflow control device (AICD) range, with more than 10,000 now having been installed globally.

The achievement emphasises Tendeka’s position as the market leader in AICD technology and its unrivalled record of AICD runs in the industry.

An effective solution for increasing oil production over the life of the field, the award-winning FloSureTM  AICD has been deployed successfully in light and heavy oil wells to overcome water or gas breakthrough and ensure uniform production longevity. The device preferentially chokes unwanted produced fluids whilst promoting production of oil from the entire length of the well.

Gary Smart, CEO of Tendeka said, “This is a fantastic milestone and testimony to the value the technology is delivering to our clients. Tendeka is installing its market leading autonomous inflow control technology in multiple territories with reported production gains in the range of 15 to 50%.  With performance like that, this isn’t just an evolution on the traditional ICD, this is revolutionary technology delivering incredible benefits to our clients.

“Tendeka has developed a suite of advanced inflow control technology building on the AICD to focus on many challenging applications including high rate gas production, higher rate water injectors and steam injection, and continues to innovate in this area.”

Since initial highly successful deployments in the North Sea, the technology has been developed to broaden applicability, improve completion compatibility and ensure longevity.   More than 50 lateral wells have been completed with FloSureTM devices to date with the record for FloSureTM devices in a single well standing at over 700.

Current contracts will ensure that last year’s record run rate is exceeded in 2015 through further global expansion, including ongoing projects in Europe, Russia, China and Latin America.

Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail, product line manager for sand/inflow control, said: “Having run more than 10,000 FloSureTM   is a significant landmark, not only for Tendeka but for the oil and gas production technology sector in the adoption of AICDs over passive ICDs.

“The development of a comprehensive modelling methodology for the evaluation of AICD performance has been a critical step in the successful implementation of this technology. Alongside our liner hanger, sand screen and zonal isolation technology it enables us to provide a fully integrated sandface completion solution”

Tendeka has a proven track record in the provision of completions and reservoir monitoring products, systems and services. Its robust solutions help operators overcome the technological challenges they are facing, as it works to continuously develop its offering to the oil and gas industry.