Tendeka achieves world first with its largest ever slip on sleeve

February 10, 2011

Tendeka has successfully run two 20 inch bespoke slip on SwellRightTM sleeves for an oil exploration well – the first 20 inch SwellRightTM sleeves to be manufactured for cement replacement.

The objectives of the project were to eliminate the requirement for cement, prevent annular flow and maintain well integrity. The SwellRightTM sleeves are permanent packers that provide the long term stability and reliability required to isolate producing zones. They are a cost effective barrier solution for many applications where a pressure seal is required, and can significantly improve well performance.

Swellable packers combine the advantages of both cement and mechanical packers, without the inherent complications associated with the traditional technologies. They are a credible and proven addition to the zonal isolation mainstream.

Tendeka’s extensive swellable product offerings include both water and oil activated swellable packers. When these come into contact with the appropriate liquid, they swell to seal the available space.

The Tendeka solution was to install the 20 inch SwellRightTM sleeves which reacted to the sea water to create a effective low temperature seal.

The successful and simple installation saved money through a reduction in rig time due to avoiding cement, and annular flow was prevented. The project also demonstrated Tendeka’s flexibility and ability to deliver bespoke solutions for effective results.