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August 24, 2017

The PulseEight wireless intelligent completion product line is the latest advance in wireless well completion technology.  By using unique ‘pressure pulse telemetry’, PulseEight communicates wirelessly between downhole and the wellhead.

PulseEight intelligent well technology provides cable-free control and monitoring for a wide range of applications. Each device provides an infinitely variable choke and seal, with pressure and temperature measurement for optimum control.

Driven by a microprocessor, the fully-electric system can be programmed to respond to wireless commands from surface, or to react to the well environment e.g. well-shut-ins, or changes in pressure or flow rate. The wireless communication uses unique, semi-duplex pressure pulse telemetry, suitable for multi-phase fluid environments.

Existing wellhead equipment is used to interface with the downhole valve. Eliminating control lines makes PulseEight a simple-to-install, cost-effective solution for oil, water, and gas control in greenfield, brownfield, extended reach, and multi-lateral applications. Remote management of PulseEight through advanced software provides data management and evaluation for enhanced production optimisation, delivering a truly intelligent completion for the digital oilfield.

Wireless systems can help to provide a hybrid of key features whereby the completion is kept simple, allowing for a quick and safe installation. However, they also offer the communication mechanism required to monitor and control wells effectively.

The addition of real time data can lead to informed decision making, while the ability to act immediately and without intervention leads to an optimal production environment. By removing the physical connection to surface and providing each downhole device with individual power and intelligence, an autonomous approach is also possible, where by a device is configured to be ‘goal seeking’ and work independently to maximise efficiency.

This technology can be applied to a range of application areas for mature assets and new fields, with the following examples:

  • Pressure/Temperature Monitoring
  • Interval Control
  • Multi-lateral Branch Control
  • Water and Gas Shut-off/Control
  • Remote Barrier
  • Autonomous Gas-lift optimisation
  • Gas Hydrate Prevention
  • Cross-flow Prevention

While the immediate future for this technology will be to extend the operating envelope for intelligent completion technology and address some of the applications mentioned above, the long- term aim for the technology is to form part of fully digital oilfield, whereby a set of devices are installed and communicate with each other, as well as surface, to provide a fully autonomous, optimal production environment.

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Close-up of PulseEight component