New wireless PT gauge

March 28, 2012

Hart’s Intelligent Energy Show Daily – Wednesday 28th March 2012

Tendeka is introducing its new wireless pressure temperature (PT) gauge at IE2012, designed for the going monitoring of production and injection wells. The new 2.25in tool is designed to fit inside 3.5in completions equipment.

Based in Aberdeen, Tendeka is a completions solutions company offering a diverse range of products and services that it says add value, reduce uncertainty, and maximise recovery from its customers’ wells. The new tool follows the commercialisation in 2009 of a 3.5in wireless PT gauge that has been successfully deployed, mostly in the North Sea. The development of the smaller tool is expected to help[ the technology to be deployed globally.

The telemetry system, which has similarities with mud-pulse telemetry used while drilling, creates a data telegram to send measurements to the surface by briefly choking production flow to impose intelligently created pressure variations. The method provides a long operating life as the choking of the well-flow requires little energy and the data is transmitted to the surface in the production flow using the well’s own energy. Measurements are typically made daily, enabling proactive production decision-making. Battery life is estimated to be around 18 months.

The data telegram is easily distinguishable from background pressure variation noise, has been qualified for low pressure gas wells, and is suitable for nearly all fluid compositions and flow regimes. The existing wellhead pressure recorder is used to read the wireless signals at the surface, so little or no special interfacing is required. The new gauge can be installed at any time making it ideal for retrofit applications. Installations or maintenance is via wireline or coil tubing. Installation using a wireline set packer enables the gauge to be set in blank pipe and provides maximum flexibility on installation depth. The system can also be set using a wireline set lock, which is typically more cost-effective but limits the installation location to existing wireline nipple profiles in the completion. The gauge can be installed as close to the production zone as required.

For further information about the wireless PT gauge and telemetry system, or hear about the company’s other completions solutions, visit Tendeka at Booth D51 (Intelligent Energy Show).

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