Happy Birthday Troll Gauge

December 1, 2012

Tendeka’s Norway-based team has celebrated a major milestone in the wireless gauge
development – the first anniversary of the gauge in a well in the NCS’ Troll Field.
The 3.5” wireless temperature and pressure gauge was retrofitted into the low-pressure (32 bar) gas well at 2200m, and the existing well head pressure sensor was used to capture the wireless signal and extract the data.
The application was especially challenging as the well was a marginal producer and the wellhead pressure had large background pressure variations, because of limited well deliverability. Despite these conditions, pressure pulse transmission has proved effective.
Annabel Green, Tendeka’s product line director for wireless technologies, said: “When we installed the wireless gauge, we promised the client one year of continuous downhole data. We have fulfilled our promise and the gauge is still going strong.”
This is just one of Tendeka’s monitoring technologies that have enabled operators to make informed decisions that optimise asset performance and reduce cost.

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