Downhole flow profiling using optical fiber DTS

May 8, 2017

Optical fiber technology deployed in a well allows operators to accurately and frequently monitor the temperature of the fluids in the wellbore from the surface to the end of the fiber with a linear spatial resolution of 0.5 meter and a temperature resolution of less than 0.1 C. Typical temperature surveys of the well may be acquired every 15 minutes, though more frequent surveys can be run to capture transient events. The optical fiber may be permanently installed in the well and attached to the exterior of the production casing/liner or the production tubing.

The optical fiber may also be temporarily deployed in a well through the interior of the production tubing, by spooling it into the well similar to running wireline. For highly deviated wells, it may be conveyed in the well by coiled tubing, by stiff (fiberglass) rod, or by tractor units, and may be left in the well for a period of time to collect data before pulling the fiber from the well.

For more information please see the attached article below.

Downhole Flow Profiling Article

fibre optic lights in blue