A day at the science centre

August 25, 2017

This week saw Tendeka’s Advanced Completions team visit the Aberdeen Science Centre (ASC) to help fix and maintain some of the exhibits and interactive equipment.

On previous visits, Tendeka’s Advanced Completions Director, John Hunter, had observed that some exhibits were missing due to requiring some repairs, and offered his team’s help.

ASC were very grateful to have the extra resource to help with the backlog of work. ASC are supported by various grants and admission costs, but do not have the funds to maximise their impact. Therefore, volunteering both at front of house and on repair tasks is needed and much appreciated.

Tendeka believes giving such support is invaluable, as well as being very relevant. The Advanced Completions team work primarily in cutting-edge R&D projects that are very focussed and come with the rollercoaster of success and failure, something everyone can relate to.  Taking a day out of the busy working schedule to do something different proved to be a great teambuilding and refreshing exercise. The team worked well to investigate the challenges and then managed to repair most of the equipment.

Development Engineer Steven Henry said of the day: “The day went really well.  We were happy to assist Aberdeen Science Centre with the backlog of work they had. Thankfully, we managed to get most of the broken exhibits fixed and can now be put back out for public viewing/interaction.”

It is the intention of Tendeka to support ASC more fully over the next few years. ASC is a great resource in Aberdeen which can help inspire people into STEM careers.

Liz Hodge, CEO ASC commented “We are extremely appreciative of the help we have received from Tendeka. The team has repaired some of our most popular exhibits in record-quick time using expertise we do not have in-house. Without their support, we would have had to consider disposing of these inspiring exhibits that engage our visitors of all ages as to the relevance and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We are looking forward to working with the Tendeka team over the next exciting phase of Aberdeen Science Centre’s journey.”

Pictured from left – John Hunter, Steven Henry, Anthony Wilson, Sandy McAllister, Kevin Buchan