There are many paths to reach our goals

August 4, 2020

by Gillian Fowler, Marketing & Communications Manager, Tendeka

As thousands of Scottish secondary pupils receive exam results today, we need to consider the messages we send out not only to the younger generation but also as we make our way through our working lives.   The ultimate goal or destination may be set whether for business or personal, but the path to get there isn’t fixed.  Yes, sometimes our route ends up longer than ideally sought, but as long as we keep focused, we will reach it!

Life lessons are invaluable.  We’ve all had these, the good, bad and indifferent.  I’m sure when we all look back on our decisions and work / life choices, we shake our heads at some, but smile at many others.  What we have all learnt is that life throws curveballs, and comes in all guises, but it’s how we get through these times that’s important. Keeping the focus, amending plans and being open-minded to change all help.  And don’t give up!  Are you a glass half full or half empty person?!

The oil & gas industry is back operating within very challenging times, with fluctuating prices, over supply, operations being postponed or cancelled, and thousands of people losing jobs being common News items.  We have already worked our way through the recent crisis of 2014-2018, where the industry once again reviewed and streamlined processes, costs were cut where possible, and where the need for further innovation to ensure wells could remain viable become ever apparent.  Then as the industry was slowly finding its feet once again, COVID hit, with general feeling being we won’t see a level of recovery for 18-24months.  Although the industry is once again facing great uncertainty, it is one that plays an invaluable part in supplying affordable energy across the globe, and as such, must not fail – but must find out how it can create value in this next chapter.   (McKinsey article, May 2020)

The oil & gas industry has always shown resilience and change, and this is no different.  Prior to COVID, we saw an interesting time of seeing a number of high-profile companies put their heads above the parapet on sustainability and carbon capture, with BP and Wood standing out as leaders in strategy, messaging and a change of culture.  So who will stand out now?  How are they demonstrating the path may have changed but there is still a strong future, one that offers exciting technological advancements and processes to safeguard industry?  Tendeka has certainly not stopped working during this pandemic to develop further impactful technologies that will deliver results to clients’ challenges, including our remedial sand control system Filtrex which is shortlisted for next week’s Offshore Achievement Awards.  Furthermore, we have quickly adapted to the COVID conditions to ensure we continue to meet our contractual obligations, whilst also being focused on the changing needs across the globe.

For the thousands of teenagers today, those results are most likely perceived as the green, amber or red light to their life / work / study plans.  But traffic lights are not fixed, and neither is our ability to adapt, to become resilient to what life throws at us.  We all have the capability to go on to do great things; things that matter to us, not necessarily money or career driven.  If nothing else, COVID has taught us how quickly our way of life can change, and appreciate what we have.

So to everyone today, I urge you to keep an open mind on the path that you walk … there’s many routes to your destination.  Keep your head up, believe and stay strong – you have so much to offer.



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