Technology & innovation – the core of Tendeka

April 23, 2018

By Gillian Fowler, Marketing & Communications Manager

Published in Oil & Gas Vision, April 2018

For nearly a decade, Tendeka has continued to grow, expanding our services and global reach, as well as establishing ourselves as one of the leading advanced completions companies in the world.   However, our core remains the same – technology and innovation; our DNA.

So, what is ‘innovation’?  In relation to Tendeka, innovation is turning new methods or ideas into a technology offering or finding technological advancements that will deliver results to our clients and the entire industry.   It involves teamwork, a degree of risk-taking and drive.

As we are all very aware, the oil and gas industry has gone through turbulent times, with many casualties along the way.  The last few years have been painful, but many are much stronger as a result, re-focused and clear on their path forward.

Tendeka is no different, and we have had to adapt to a changing playing field, fine-tune our offerings, while always maintaining precision and reliability.  We have also faced challenges with the trialling of new technology. It’s not just about illustrating the benefits of using a particular technology, but the trust that there will be no negative impacts from such a trial – especially during difficult economic times.

We recently executed a successful field trial of our wireless intelligent completions system PulseEight, with the support of funding from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, and operator OMV in Austria. A major North Sea operator has now agreed to progress the next phase.  These relationships allow us to demonstrate the impact of new technology, forge great partnerships as well as providing new options for more efficient operations.

Last month, Oil & Gas UK CEO Deirdre Michie highlighted the need for fresh approaches, saying it was vital that the industry drive “fresh thinking, innovative approaches and efficiency efforts” to ensure long-term success of the sector.

As market leaders in inflow control technology and a solid track record of installing over 1million feet of sand screens; launching the world’s first wireless intelligent completions, PulseEight, and more recently Cascade3 to the market, we have shown we are a serious player in this field.

With technology and innovation at the heart of what we do, Tendeka will continue to drive forward technological advancements, maximising production optimisation for our clients, while always looking ahead to understand market requirements.

What we must always encourage is collaboration, both in and out of an organisation, to drive solutions forward.  Let’s ensure we bring down obstacles to advancements.

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Gillian Fowler -Marketing & Communications Manager, Tendeka