OAA shine finalist spotlight on Tendeka

February 20, 2020

Tendeka’s Finalist Spotlight as published by Offshore Achievements Awards

Tendeka has bagged two Offshore Achievement Awards in past years. But will 2020 make it a hat trick? We spoke to Eilidh McKay, Technical Support Manager, about how it feels to be nominated for Emerging Technology.

“It is a real honour for Filtrex to be nominated. This is a great example of teamwork within Tendeka and to win would be such a reward for everyone who has been involved. Personally, it has been fantastic to be a part of this project and work with so many team members, all looking at different aspects of the tool with the same end goal – to provide a game-changing tool to the market.”

We really looked outside the box in developing Filtrex.

“Yes, we took a fresh look at an inherent problem in the industry, and researched technology used in other industries. Our engineers studied the problems of Christmas tree transportation and excessive liquid movement in superbike fuel tanks to develop the remedial sand control solution offered by Filtrex.”

Filtrex is a great addition to our already extensive portfolio of products.

“Filtrex is a bespoke system designed exclusively for remedial sand control via thru tubing operations. The system is not limited by the problems of deploying through narrow completion profiles whilst still providing conformance in large casing/liner sizes.”

The black tie ceremony will take place on Thursday 19 March 2020 at P&J Live, Aberdeen.

For more information on Filtrex, read Eilidh’s technical article or visit our Filtrex page.


OAA Finalist Spotlight for Filtrex Thru-Tubing Sand Control