Light returns, but be aware of the longer-lasting impact

June 28, 2018

By Gillian Fowler, Marketing & Communications Manager

Published in Oil & Gas Vision, June 2018

The recent long spell of great weather in Aberdeen is perhaps a timely analogy that the dark clouds of the recent downturn are finally moving away, allowing hope and belief to return as activity increases once again.

There is no doubt the darker days have had a large impact on many, and this continues as companies finalise any remaining restructure plans to ensure a more competitive, solid stance.  However, what we must not overlook is the core of any business – people.  Such difficult times have a huge knock-on effect, both professionally and personally, and we must never be blasé as to the impact on our colleagues and peers.

Mental health is an issue we are all aware of and more recently have a better understanding, whether it’s due to direct or indirect personal experiences, and/or discovering more through the ongoing high-profile campaigns.

According to charity Heads Together, 1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health issues, with only 2% people approaching HR for help and support.  That’s a significant number of people who are not talking about their difficulties or receiving help.

Patron The Duke of Cambridge recently introduced the Heads Together and Mind workplace mental health partnership to provide easier access to the right resources, overcome any associated stigma and called upon senior leadership to step up and provider greater support to employees.

The need for support is well documented, and action is being taken, helping to overcome the perceived stigma.  Some companies are already introducing Mental Health Awareness courses for their teams, others going further and ensuring there are Mental Health First Aiders in place.

Without doubt, our lives are busy; manic even.  Pressure and stress can build to a point that both the working and personal life can be greatly impacted – yet unless the person opens up, the troubles are unknown, even if unusual actions and reactions are noticed.

One thing is for clear, we all have life’s hurdles and stresses to work through, and support is needed.  Our actions can have an immeasurable impact on someone’s day and their ability to manage their own situation.   Be kind, don’t judge and always be mindful that a simple smile or word of encouragement can literally be life-saving.

Marketing & Communications Manager, Tendeka