COVID-19: We can all do our bit

April 2, 2020

By Eilidh McKay, Technical Support Manager

In this current time where we are seeing so many articles and news reports on PPE shortages within the NHS in the UK, it is difficult to remain positive and to not feel helpless.

At the weekend, we came across an appeal for a local care service in Westhill who were desperate for masks / gloves / any PPE to help keep them safe whilst doing their job.  Our Global Applications Engineer, Amy Barclay, went on a mission and went through our laboratory for any spare PPE which would be suitable, including gloves, masks and safety glasses.  Although we would have loved to be able to donate a lot more, knowing that the 40 masks can potentially go to help 40 nurses and carers protect themselves is something which we are proud of.  Albeit a very tiny influence in the grand scheme of things, we are proud to have helped and supported where possible.  The remainder of the suitable PPE will be going to a donation point for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

It’s important at this time that everyone pulls together.  I ask that you check your cupboards, drawers, laboratories and lockers, and donate any spare PPE where you can.

Globally, everyone working in the public health service across, the emergency services and those who are still required to go into work day after day to keep their country’s cogs turning are all heroes, and we are unbelievably appreciative and grateful for all they are doing.

We are all in this together.  Take care, stay safe and protect each other.


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