Wireless technology for seamless downhole communication 

December 4, 2018

by Prabodh Chaube, business development manager, UAE, Kuwait & Iraq 

Published in Oil & Gas Vision, November/December 2018

 The advent of the digital oilfield has many aims. Through the design and deployment of integrated work flows all seek to address three main goals: to maximise productivity, eliminate non-productive time, and increase profitability. In line with this ambition, ADIPEC 2018 has for the first time introduced a new Digitalisation zone wherein companies will showcase technologies in this field. 

 Key to the success of the digital revolution will be cost-efficient downhole technologies to enable in-well capturing and processing of well/reservoir data, autonomous operations and seamless integration from reservoir to the control room to support and enhance real-time or near-real-time decision-making. 

 As part of this digital drive, Tendeka has introduced the world’s first wireless intelligent completion technology, PulseEight. 

 As traditional intelligent completion technologies rely on hydraulic/electric lines to power and communicate with the downhole system, this adds significant CAPEX for initial deployment and increased risk due to possible damage of control lines. PulseEight provides the same functionality but eliminates the risk associated with wired systems thereby moving closer to a truly upstream digital solution. 

 Based on a unique bidirectional pressure pulse transmission technology, the device allows precise communication between the downhole control and monitoring system and the wellhead. The tool can be reprogrammed from the surface and boasts autonomous capabilities to respond to changes in reservoir conditions. As it can be installed without the need of a workover rig, the benefits of digitalisation can be shared on existing brownfield wells. 

In a recent demonstration, the PulseEight retrofit solution was installed inside an existing well via slickline alongside the system’s wireless wellhead sensor and a surface unit. The downhole flowing pressure regime was transmitted through the cloud-based server and observed and interpreted automatically by the teams on their smart phones. The test has proven that reservoir data can be shared using a fully wireless system to any location in the world. 

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of what PulseEight can bring to the Digital Revolution.  Contact us to find out more!


Tendeka wireless completion system PulseEight