FracRight Plugs

Tendeka provides technically credible frac plug solutions to achieve optimal deployment and drilling or dissolution times, whilst ensuring dependable setting, and pressure holding capabilities for the duration of your operation. Tendeka’s FracRight plugs are designed to be milled quickly and easily, maximising operational efficiency and increasing overall economics.

FracRight Composite Plug
Tendeka’s FracRight Composite Frac Plug is a solid and dependable plug, keeping us ahead of the competition when it comes to dependability and design. Tendeka uses proprietary composite material which allows for the most efficient mill out times the industry has seen to date. We exceed the main objectives; optimal deployment, dependable and reliable setting and pressure holding, as well as fast and efficient mill out with minimal remaining debris.

FracRight Dissolvable Plug
Tendeka’s FracRight Dissolvable Frac Plug has been successfully designed and tested in over 180 material tests, resulting in providing the most advanced high performance dissolvable frac plug on the market. Our magnesium alloy plug has predictable dissolution rates in as little as 1% brine fluid and provides a dependable bore zone isolation during frac operations.

FracRight Big Bore Frac Plug
Tendeka’s FracRight Big Bore Plug is a zonal isolation tool with a larger ID for long reach laterals. As the industry grows to more advanced drilling and completions practices, it requires more advanced zonal isolation. Similar to other plugs it is run in conjunction with your perforating guns via wireline but requires no mill out intervention after pumping operations are completed.