Downhole safety valves can become corroded or damaged due to wireline activity. Standard chevron stacks commonly provided with insert safety valves are unable to effectively seal in this damage. This results in a leak path for hydrocarbons to migrate up the control line.

The only solution for a leaking safety valve was to perform a straddle or workover, and replace the damaged valve. This proved to be costly and time consuming.

In 2013 Tendeka released SwellStack, a swellable sealing solution which can be installed in place of an existing chevron stack and seal in damage within the bore of a safety valve.

This patented technology has been utilised with multiple operators globally, to regain well integrity via the safety valve. Comprising of a swellable seal element, and multiple chevron seals, the swellable element seals damage in the seal bore and activates the chevron seals, effectively providing a seal for up to 10,000psi in liquid and gas.

In 2019, Tendeka formed a partnership with Wellvene, further developing this technology, ensuring greater capabilities.
Tendeka will work with you to design and engineer a sealing solution tailored to your requirements. Whether accommodating non-standard internal diameters or unique fluid parameters, the end result is a system that perfectly fits the needs of your project.

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Tendeka’s SealRight Open Hole Isolation Packer is a mechanical packer that enables instant isolation of zones within the reservoir, providing a rapid, simple and cost-effective method of zonal isolation. This packer can be run in open or cased hole applications, and maintains full bore access in high angle and horizontal wells.  Run as an integral part of the liner string, multiple packers can be spaced out as required to isolate between reservoir stages. The liner string is then plugged off and pressure is applied from the surface to the predetermined setting pressure.  This pressure enters the packer setting chamber, allowing the setting piston to displace the seal elements outwards against the wall of the open hole.  This creates an immediate pressure-tight seal.


Tendeka’s SwellRight Swellable Packers provide a permanent packer solution suitable for many applications where a pressure seal or zonal isolation is required.  SwellRight packers help reduce well construction costs, extend well life and improve well integrity.  These permanent packers provide the long-term stability and reliability required to isolate producing zones and are able to react to subsequent changes in the wellbore geometry.

The SwellRight Feed-Thru Packer provides all the benefits of the standard SwellRight packer, but are compatible to use with 0.25″ control lines. Multiple slots can be built into the packer to house the non-encapsulated lines whilst still maintaining the required pressure requirements. The Feed-Thru installation tool simplifies the operation for installing the control lines on site.

Tendeka also offers the SwellRight Ultra Packer, a cost-effective solution for high pressure applications, providing the highest pressure rating on the swellable market.  Enabling the customer to utilise smaller pup joints, Tendeka’s SwellRight Ultra Packers can effectively reduce the amount of rubber element required for high pressure applications, for use in horizontal and vertical wells for up to 10,000psi.

Our Retrievable SwellRight Packer option has been designed to isolate the wellbore while enabling the easy removal of the entire assembly from the wellbore without any milling operations.


Bespoke designed swellable seals replace chevron seal stacks to provide pressure integrity in damaged side pocket mandrel bores.

The Side Pocket Mandrel Plug is a system component that provides a means of isolating damaged or leaking side pocket mandrels and gas-lift valves.  Tendeka’s oil and water swellable elastomers operate within a wide temperature range from 320°F(0°C) to 480°F (250°C), and are rated at 5,000psi continuous working pressure.

Tendeka offers a range of sealing technologies and can work with you to design and engineer a bespoke sealing solution tailored to your requirement.  Whether accommodating non-standard internal diameters or unique fluid parameters, our materials scientists have developed proprietary elastomer technology to deliver reliable isolation performance across a variety of well characteristics.


SwellRight swellable sleeves are a flexible barrier solution suitable for applications where a pressure seal or zonal isolation is required.  They reduce well construction costs, extend well life, and improve well integrity. These permanent packers provide the long-term stability and reliability required to isolate producing zones.  Tendeka’s proprietary elastomer technology has an extensive track record in delivering reliable isolation performance across a variety of temperature and salinity profiles, generating more radial seal force than any other swellable on the market.  After swelling, the element maintains flexibility where it can react to subsequent changes in the wellbore.

Tendeka has developed a cost-effective alternative sleeve for use in horizontal applications. Our SwellRight Elite sleeve utilises patented technology to provide a sleeve without an internal core but ensure the stability and pressure ratings required for vertical and horizontal applications.

Tendeka’s SwellRight Ultra sleeve is a high spec sleeve, capable of holding up to 5000psi and achieving high push off force ratings.  Commonly run with the FloUltra Premium Screen Range, they are field proven to reduce operational costs, improve well integrity and extend the life of horizontal, vertical and multi-lateral wells.

Our SwellRight Split Sleeve has been designed to work in conjunction with the 7” expandable screens to ensure zonal isolation integrity.  The cross coupling split swell sleeve fills the void visible at the coupling as soon as the screens have expanded, ensuring a correct fit over the require dimensions.