Tendeka offers ScaleFix, a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly and technically superior scale management solutions. The ScaleFix range comprises scale dissolvers for sulfate, carbonate and sulfide scale removal as well as a multi-functional scale inhibitor to provide life of well scale management. Highly skilled chemists evaluate the environment and recommend the appropriate treatment to initially remove the problematic scale and subsequently recommend a scale inhibition program.

ScaleFix SSD sulfate scale dissolver has the ability to dissolve extremely high amounts of sulfate scale even at low temperatures. The system has proven to dissolve the most challenging of barium sulfate scales built up on completion equipment and within the formation resulting in significant increases in productivity.

ScaleFix MSD mineral scale dissolver is a high-performance metal sulfide dissolver designed to efficiently remove metal sulfide scale with the unique attribute of not generating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ScaleFix CSD carbonate scale dissolver is a high performance modified acid designed to have equivalent carbonate scale removal performance to hydrochloric acid without the associated corrosion and health and safety hazards.

ScaleFix MSI is a multi-functional scale inhibitor that prevents the formation of scale and has proven to be highly effective for elongated periods of time in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.


At Tendeka, we recognize that not one single chemistry will provide an enhanced recovery solution for every formation type so we offer our customers a variety of Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions for conventional and unconventional reservoirs and through a candidate selection process and/or laboratory evaluation, the best suited chemistry is recommended for a given formation.

Tendeka’s Enhanced Oil Recovery solutions include the Zymol range of environmentally friendly biosurfactant additives designed to stimulate production in oil and gas wells and improve reservoir recovery. The Zymol range offers a cost-effective solution to optimizing production by addition to the initial fracturing fluid or as a post-decline squeeze treatment. Both approaches have proven to be highly impactful in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and increased production by up to 400% post treatment.

Tendeka also offers The Titan Process, an organic oil recovery solution in the Gulf of Mexico. The Titan Process involves feeding indigenous microbes with a custom-formulated biodegradable organic nutrient so that the microbes exponentially multiply. The microbes interact with the immobile trapped oil and thereby alter the interfacial tension of the oil causing microscopic droplets to form. The micro oil droplets are then released and can be produced back to the surface unlocking trapped oil.

Both solutions provide environmentally friendly, highly effective solutions to optimized production and increased reservoir recovery with a quick return on investment and in some cases, substantial tax benefits.


Tendeka offers a wide range of modified acid blends for carbonate matrix acidizing and acid fracturing. Our subsurface engineering team helps E&P companies optimize acidizing treatments by providing acid simulations that help to properly select acid blends, minimize volumes and pumping rates, and at the same time deliver optimized injectivity or production rates. Our team of engineering experts will not only optimize the acid design but provide recommendations on diversion or acid placement based on software modelling. Our team of experts help E&P companies leverage existing data they have on their wells to assess formation damage and reservoir parameters for optimum software simulations.

FloFuse Stim is a unique acidizing solution for disposal or injector wells in carbonate formations that combines a smart modified acid that requires less volume and achieves optimum wormholing at lower injection rates than hydrochloric acid alone. Interventionless injection rate limiting technology that responds to dynamic changes in treatment rates and unexpected variations in fluid displacement ensures proportional distribution of treatment fluid along full length of the wellbore and between laterals.

To achieve the efficient stimulation along the entire wellbore length, the well is segmented into multiple zones with one or more FloFuse valves within each zone.  The valve is mounted into the base pipe or screen section. FloFuse Stim is a biased open valve which enables injection at normal distributed rates but closes once a predetermined trigger rate is reached.  The target rates and trigger rates can be varied by application.

This technology can be applied in wells with long laterals with low matrix permeability such as in unconventional developments with high calcium carbonate content, and natural and hydraulically induced fractures. In addition, this technology has application in saltwater disposal or water injector wells in carbonate formations catering to the unconventional shale markets in the Lower US 48 states, where long laterals are being stimulated in one single treatment. For producer wells, FloDual can be deployed, which differs from FloFuse Stim only by the addition of both inflow control devices and autonomous inflow control devices so oil can be flowed back.