Tendeka developed the FloCheck Injection GP Valve which provides injection capability with both ICD and AICD completions.  The valve is designed for chemical stimulation injection through screens, and to fully shut-off under production condition.

During injection, the valve requires a positive injection pressure differential, or a pre-set pressure, to activate and open to allow fluid to pass through.  This opening pressure can be controlled by designing the appropriate spring force to match the activation pressure for injection.

During production, the bypass valve will remain closed due to a spring force applied on the disk to keep it shut off and the pressure drop across the ICD.


Tendeka has developed a range of valves designed to aid deployment.

FloRight Dissolve – dissolvable nozzle for isolating tubing and annulus during run in hole

FloCheck – enables fluid pump through eliminating the requirement of an inner string.  In production mode, the check valve opens and allows the nozzle to produce like a conventional ICD

  • FloCheck Elite screen is a premium mesh screen which has been specifically engineered to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance and strength.
  • FloCheck Ultra screen offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance. The mechanically robust premium mesh design features a five-layer system for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection.
  • FloCheck Direct wire wrapped screens range offers both conventional slip-on and wrap-on pipe variations.
  • FloCheck Compact screen provides sand control whilst allowing flexibility to re-dress on site utilising a slip on screen.
  • FloCheck Compact Sub provides sand control whilst utilising short subs which can be shrouded for sandstone applications.
  • FloCheck Shroud screen provides a filter to debris whilst being a cost-effective solution to a standard wire wrap or premium mesh screen.


Tendeka’s injection valves portfolio are designed to significantly improve long-term performance of water injection wells.

  • Cascade³ – prevents the three main causes of water injection failure, backflow, crossflow between zones or wells, and the water hammer effect
  • FloFuse Injection – autonomous injection control device that limits the flow of injected fluids into thief zones to ensure effective flow distribution in fractured or highly heterogeneous reservoirs
  • FloCheck Injection – for treatment of the completion annulus and near wellbore in wells completed with Inflow Control Device (ICD) technology
  • FloExtreme Injection – is designed for Inflow Control Device wells with risk of erosion downstream of the ICD due to exiting fluid velocities in water injection wells


Tendeka has created a range of valves for enhancing oil recovery whilst providing an evenly distributed flow profile for multiple well applications.  Our portfolio is interchangeable with Tendeka sand control screen ranges.

  • FloSure – the award-winning FloSure Autonomous inflow control device (AICD) has been deployed successfully in light and heavy oil wells to overcome water or gas breakthrough and ensure uniform production longevity. The device preferentially chokes unwanted produced fluids whilst promoting production of oil from the entire length of the well.
  • FloRight – FloRight Passive ICD is designed to promote uniform production or injection from the entire length of a horizontal well
  • FloFuse Production – autonomous production control device designed to limit the liquid rate from a high fracture section in the reservoir
  • FloCheck Production – provides a high-rate check valve functionality for multi-zone producers with differentially depleted reservoirs
  • FloExtreme Production – is designed for Inflow Control Device wells with risk of erosion downstream of the ICD due to exiting fluid velocities in oil production wells and gas production wells