August 18, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Filtrex, our remedial sand control system, has won Emerging Technology category at this years OAAs.

To address the issue of sand failure in existing wells, Tendeka has launched Filtrex remedial sand control system, providing the flexibility to be installed thru-tubing and combining sand clean out as part of the installation process.

Congratulations to all finalists and winners!




March 30, 2020

Press release

Independent global completions service company Tendeka has signed a three-year contract with Mubadala Petroleum to supply sand-face completion equipment in Thailand.

The deal will see Tendeka supply its FloElite sand screens and FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICDs) to Mubadala Petroleum’s Jasmine, Manora and Nong Yao fields in the Gulf of Thailand. The contract also has the option of two one-year extensions.

Keith Parrott, Tendeka’s South East Asia area manager said: “This contract ensures our presence in Thailand for the next three to five years and serves as a basis to grow further across the region and emphasises our commitment in providing technology to increase  oil recovery rates for life of field.

“There is a significant challenge with early water breakthrough on oil producers. Our technology has the ability to choke back unwanted water from being produced to surface and is recognised for delivering marked production enhancement around the world.

“We have previously supplied and installed AICD completions for Mubadala Petroleum with great success and look forward to delivering impressive results with the team again on this project.”

Tendeka’s completion products can be seamlessly combined to provide customers with   solutions tailored to specific requirements, for both conventional and unconventional wells. The company’s focus on ensuring an evenly distributed flow profile and enhanced oil recovery has resulted in the creation of a specialised range of inflow control solutions.

Tendeka’s FloElite Range is a premium mesh sand screen, designed with an innovative press-fit assembly method constructed of a multi-layer design for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection. The Elite screen range has been specifically engineered to reduce costs while maintaining performance and strength and is rated for most field applications.

Keith Parrott, South East Asia Area Manager


February 25, 2020

Press release

Independent global completions service company Tendeka has appointed a new business development manager for South America as the company increases its support for oil and gas operators in the region.

Renato Barbedo will work with operators across the continent to deploy Tendeka’s broad range of products and technologies.

Mr Barbedo brings over two decades of global experience in upstream projects to the position. He previously worked with Schlumberger and Emerson and has vast experience in the areas of sand control, well construction and completions, upstream measurements, production optimization and reservoir stimulation.

Mr Barbedo said: “With a vast range of technologies including PulseEight, Filtrex and our Flosure AICDs, there are many opportunities for Tendeka to grow its presence in South America and help operators solve various challenges.

“I’m proud to be given the opportunity to raise the profile of our products across the region.”

Mr Barbedo’s appointment follows the recent addition of Jim McGowin as Tendeka’s new VP for North & South America.

Mr McGowin added: “South America has a lot of potential for us and our technologies. Renato’s experience and knowledge of the region will be instrumental in becoming a trusted partner within the continent’s major players.”

Mr Barbedo has a BS in mechanical engineering from Universidade Estadual de Campinas, specialized in integrated reservoir management in the Institut Francais du Petrole and Imperial College and is a candidate for an executive master’s in business administration in the Rice University.

Picture of Renato Barbedo


Tendeka’s SSD enables selective flow in production and injection directions.  The SSDs can be deployed as a stand-alone option (FloMax) or in conjunction with Tendeka’s passive (FloRight) or autonomous inflow control (FloSure) devices to regulate flow.

The SSD can be designed utilising FloShroud Screen Technology, providing a debris barrier to control sands of 800 microns and larger typically run in carbonate reservoirs.  It can also be run with a sand screen from the FloElite, FloUltra or FloDirect range for sandstone reservoirs.


FloExtreme is designed for Inflow Control Device (ICD) wells where there is a risk of erosion downstream of the ICD due to exiting fluid velocities, e.g. water injection wells, oil production wells and gas production wells requiring high dP across the ICD.  The FloExtreme ICD is installed within a conventional ICD housing and feature a sacrificial tungsten carbide energy dissipation point downstream of the ICD nozzle. Flow is diverted into multiple exit points reducing the flow velocity and preventing impingement of the flow on the base pipe for production wells and ICD housing for water injection wells.

  • FloExtreme Production (oil production wells and gas production wells)
  • FloExtreme Injection (water injection wells)

FloExtreme Screen Ranges

  • FloExtreme Elite screen is a premium mesh screen which has been specifically engineered to reduce costs whilst maintaining performance and strength.
  • FloExtreme Ultra screen offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance. The mechanically robust premium mesh design features a five-layer system for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection.
  • FloExtreme Direct wire wrapped screens range offers both conventional slip-on and wrap-on pipe variations.
  • FloExtreme Compact screen provides sand control whilst allowing flexibility to re-dress on site utilising a slip on screen.
  • FloExtreme Compact Sub provides sand control whilst utilising short subs which can be shrouded for sandstone applications.
  • FloExtreme Shroud screen provides a filter to debris whilst being a cost-effective solution to a standard wire wrap or premium mesh screen.


Downhole safety valves can become corroded or damaged due to wireline activity. Standard chevron stacks commonly provided with insert safety valves are unable to effectively seal in this damage. This results in a leak path for hydrocarbons to migrate up the control line.

The only solution for a leaking safety valve was to perform a straddle or workover, and replace the damaged valve. This proved to be costly and time consuming.

In 2013 Tendeka released SwellStack, a swellable sealing solution which can be installed in place of an existing chevron stack and seal in damage within the bore of a safety valve.

This patented technology has been utilised with multiple operators globally, to regain well integrity via the safety valve. Comprising of a swellable seal element, and multiple chevron seals, the swellable element seals damage in the seal bore and activates the chevron seals, effectively providing a seal for up to 10,000psi in liquid and gas.

In 2019, Tendeka formed a partnership with Wellvene, further developing this technology, ensuring greater capabilities.
Tendeka will work with you to design and engineer a sealing solution tailored to your requirements. Whether accommodating non-standard internal diameters or unique fluid parameters, the end result is a system that perfectly fits the needs of your project.

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