May 25, 2021

Press release

Tendeka and Tucker Energy Services announce distributor agreement for Trinidad, Suriname and Guyana

A new collaborative agreement will see Tucker Energy Services actively promote the sales, installation and services of Tendeka’s innovative completion technologies across Trinidad, Suriname and Guyana.

Tendeka’s technology and business development experts in Houston and Aberdeen will work closely with the Tucker team in Trinidad to recognize and implement applications that will add value to operators. Tendeka’s sand and flow control, reservoir monitoring and management, and production enhancement technologies are amongst those to be utilized in the countries.

Anthony Gwartney, Tendeka’s Business Development Manager for North America and Trinidad said: “Tucker is recognized as an innovator in the service industry and the experience and support of its team will ensure we can meet the technology requirements of the operators in these countries. Our products have the ability to enhance production and maximize recovery throughout the production lifecycle.”

The Tucker team is widely regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the region, offering a full spread of primary and ancillary products and services to support drilling, completions, production and intervention operations.

John Friedli, Tucker’s Technology and Business Development Manager added: “This partnership with Tendeka continues our ongoing commitment to ensuring the successful implementation of leading technology in the Caribbean region.

“Combining Tendeka’s broad catalog of proprietary products with our expertise and capacity in intervention, completion and production services, will mean the end user greatly benefits from the timely and efficient transfer of applied technologies.”



May 3, 2021

By Brad Baker, CEO of Tendeka

(as published in Energy Voice, May 2021)

A global realignment of the energy industry is needed to accelerate the move to renewables and, in some cases, skip a period of economically maximising the recovering factors of the existing global basins to attain net zero emissions 

Experts believe that at least half of the world’s energy demands will be met with fossil fuels through to 2050 with a minimum annual investment of $350-400 billion.  The zero-emissions transition will cost up to $40 trillion in global commitment and must be largely fuelled, in the midterm, by the continued investment in fossil fuels as there is no cheaper alternative to finance this movement while satisfying the world’s energy needs.   

As coined by the United Nations, sustainability refers to ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs defined through three interconnected pillars of environment, economic and social. We cannot ignore the economic and social in favour of the environment or vice versa. There must be balance and a well thought out transition.   

The last five years has put a tremendous and unproportionate economic burden on the energy supply chain sector.  Ironically, it is this imbalance that has proven this sector as the most resilient and best catalyst to innovation around maximising the worlds energy needs.  These supply chains will be the most efficient engine and quickest way to drive a true, natural transition to alternative energy while utilising the safe use of our remaining hydrocarbon reserves.  These goals are not mutually exclusive of each other and in fact, are mutually inclusive.   

The UK’s North Sea Transition Deal is a step in the right direction.  For Scotland, although it sounds counterintuitive, it would be smart to enhance fossil fuel reserves that are needed in the open market to achieve the net zero goal by accelerating investment in these supply chains, not cutting it.  We cannot just turn off the industry and switch over through regulation and consortiums.  A precise amalgamated strategy, which promotes both the move to alternative energies and delivers the most efficient and clean recovery of our current reserves, would be the most prudent.  Lower economic growth in our region cannot co-exist with a rigorous low-emissions strategy.  

It is imperative to reduce emissions.  The know-how, ingenuity and skills required to do this are already available in our most resilient energy innovators – the oilfield supply and service sector.  

Read Brad Baker’s article in Energy Voice here


March 2, 2021

By Gillian Fowler, Marketing & Communications Manager, Tendeka

As published in Energy Voice, March 2021 (Mental health column)

As the pandemic continues to impact our day-to-day lives, with varying restrictions imposed by governments across the globe, the impact on mental health and wellness must not be overlooked.  It is critically important that we protect our businesses during these most challenging of times and especially what’s at the core of any business – people.

If not already in place, consider implementing a robust health strategy, ensuring efforts are planned, centralised, measurable and impactful.  Health and wellness initiatives are proven to not only help employees with morale, tackling concerns, reducing abseentism and increasing productivity, but underpins a positive culture – altogether making the business more attractive to new and existing talent.

For now at least, consider Mental Health First Aid training, Cuppa & Chat Teams/Zoom calls, setting activity challenges, offer mentoring schemes, give access to counselling, and consider extending flexi working. By adopting simple processes, you can make a difference to your business and the lives of your employees.

Gillian Fowler


March 1, 2021

A challenge unlike any other

As published in Energy Voice, March 2021

Those joining the oil and gas industry today will play a crucial role in accelerating the sector towards net zero and galvanising its position in the energy mix. Westhill-headquartered Tendeka is a global specialist in advanced completions, production solutions and sand management. Members of the team have provided an insight into why a future in the sector is a responsibility and a challenge unlike any other.

Putting carbon management in the limelight

“We have set up a Carbon Management Committee responsible for measuring our carbon footprint and implementing annual reduction targets, with aims to be net zero by 2030,” says Gillian King, VP Europe, Russia, CIS & Africa. “This is a hugely important programme. KPIs around sustainability will be implemented throughout the organisation to minimise our environmental impact. Along with reducing our carbon emissions, developing solutions to sustainably maximise economic recovery is well underway. In addition to our existing technologies, R&D work to adapt downhole monitoring, data interpretation, injection enhancement and inflow/outflow control technologies to suit carbon capture and storage (CCS) is on the agenda. CCS is considered vital to meet net zero goals.”

O&G industry embracing a greener path

“The industry faces multiple challenges, not least the rising popularity of alternative fuels and greener energy but also price / market volatility and corporate social responsibility,” believes Nicola Wigg, a lab engineer with Tendeka. “Companies are now trying to embrace and overcome these challenges by changing their strategy and way of thinking. The industry is finally trying to become part of the overall solution rather than the source of the problem.”

Changing perceptions of an O&G career

Global applications engineer Amy Barclay, says: “Societal demand to decarbonise is seeing everyone embrace a broader and more cohesive energy mix. A lot of new technologies are being created to help reduce carbon footprint. There are some amazing opportunities out there.”

Opportunities to progress

Technical support manager, Eilidh McKay, states: “Don’t focus on getting the “end-goal” role. Consider entry level opportunities and get involved in different aspects of the industry so you can see where fits you best. Our programmes cover core training and competencies while there is also support for further education and we are stepping up our mentoring plans.”

Attracting new talent

“Sharing and developing the skills and knowledge of the workforce will be key to attracting the next generation of talent,” says senior applications engineer Krzysztof Buchajczuk. “The oil and gas industry is about the people and its goal to leave the world a better place when the last ‘tap’ is eventually closed. That is only possible from inside. The shape of the industry will be carved by the people that are motivated to drive the transition.”

The drive and ingenuity of everyone working in the sector, embracing a broader energy mix, enhancing digitalisation and upskilling its workforce, will power the industry into a safer and more sustainable era.


Carbon capture - leaves with water footprint


February 11, 2021

Press release

A new collaborative agreement has been signed that will see Northern Solutions Alaska LLC represent global completions specialist Tendeka in actively promoting sales, installation, and services of its completion products and technologies in the region.

The two companies have previously worked together on several projects in Alaska which contributed to the introduction and ongoing success of Tendeka’s FloSure  Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICD) and most recently its new PulseEight  Electronic Ambient Valve (EAV) technology in Prudhoe Bay.

Paul Guilfoyle, Tendeka’s business development manager for Canada and Alaska, said: “This mutually beneficial arrangement, although in the works for some time, has even more significance today as we adjust to find new ways of working. Tendeka’s regional team and the combination of local experience and support from within Alaska, will ensure that together we can continue to meet the technology requirements of Alaskan operators.

“The Northern Solutions team is widely regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the region, holding several patents for coil tubing drilling, work over and intervention. Working in partnership with Northern Solutions is a key part of Tendeka’s continuing goal to provide best in class products and service quality for our clients in Alaska.”

Candice English, Northern Solutions’ owner commented: “We believe that the innovation driven technologies at the core of Tendeka’s portfolio are well aligned with our own approach to bringing custom solutions to solve clients drilling, completion and production challenges. From design and development, to manufacturing and installation and we are excited to bring our own local experience and values to this collaboration.”

Northern Solutions have machining, fabrication and workshop facilities in Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay that are already qualified to manufacture, assemble and test a range of Tendeka technologies. With wellsite and classroom-based training already underway we have already made an impact with Alaskan operators recognizing the benefits that this agreement brings.

 To find out more, contact Paul Guilfoyle on


Alaska scene


February 3, 2021

We are delighted to announce Tendeka / Vantage Energy Group have received 2 COMSTEC awards for Flosure AICD replication in Malaysia, where we have successfully completed 6 wells for Shell and 7 wells for SEA Hibiscus.

South East Asia Manager Keith Parrott said: “Malaysia is a big part Tendeka’s focus to implement new technology and the replication process. Thanks to all for hard work and, of course, MPM/PETRONAS for these awards and support.”

Well done to all those involved!

COMSTEC awards certificates


January 5, 2021

By Gillian King, VP Europe, Africa, Russia & CIS

Published in Energy Voice, January 2021

Wow, what a year this has been!  The last article I wrote for Energy Voice was in June and looking back now, it shows how little was understooabout the impact COVID-19 would have on our lives.  I suggested in that article that we were emerging from the crisis then, how wrong could I be!   

There is no denying 2020 has been an incredibly tough year for us all and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has happened in the last 12 months and what we should be very proud of, as it draws to a close. 

2020 started out with great optimism, certainly within the oil and gas sector.  We were starting to see signs of recovery after the last downturn and activity was on the up.  OGUK was driving ahead with Roadmap 2035 to ensure the UK leads the way in terms of the energy transition The opportunities for the supply chain and the north east region as a whole were starting to crystalise as we aimed to become the worlds first net zero basin. 

At the end of March, we went into our first lockdown and the combined effect of the pandemic, reduced demand for hydrocarbons and the resulting low oil price hit the global economy and our industry hard.  Many organisations have done well to minimise losses and maintain staff, many have not been so lucky. 

We did throughout this period, prove that we can be adaptable and productive when working from home.  The shift to remote working was not easy but it has shown that flexible working arrangements can work, and I hope this will be embraced going forwards. 

Also, during this time, big steps were taken in our move towards net zero.  In May, the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) released a new strategy around decarbonisation and in June, OGUK committed to halving CO2 emissions from oil and gas operations by 2030.  These are critical to ensure the industry maintains our social license to operate and help drive the energy transition.  

In several other respects, we will emerge from 2020 very differently.  Government plans and funding have been announced to aid recovery and accelerate our transition to net zero.  The UK, with aspirations to be world leaders in low carbon energy, recently released the 10-point plan for recovery.  This pledged support for offshore wind, hydrogen, CCUS (carbon capture, utilisation and storage), restoring nature and cleaner transportation to name a few.  We have a goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2040, our industry has the expertise and infrastructure to help make this happen. 

This has been followed up in recent weeks by the release of the Committee on Climate Change’s sixth Carbon Budget and the longawaited Energy White Paper.  These both confirmed that the UK will require a diverse energy mix required going forwards and that oil and gas has a role to play.  

With the UK hosting COP26 in Glasgow this year, we will see an increased focus on reducing our carbon emissions and leading the way to a more resilient and sustainable future.  There are real opportunities for our industry, organisations and each one of us to get involved and drive the energy transition. 

So, I look forward to the opportunities that 2021 will bring and I look forward to working with industry to deliver results and be part of what will be a historic time in respect to climate change. 

Gillian King, Tendeka VP Europe, Africa, Russia, CIS

Gillian King, Tendeka VP Europe, Africa, Russia & CIS

climate change


December 23, 2020

We are proud to announce Petronas has awarded Tendeka to be one of the panel contractors for the Provision of Completion New Technology Equipment and services contract through our local Malaysian partner Vantage Oilfield Solution Sdn Bhd.

This 5-year term contract is one of many Petronas efforts in promoting new technologies application and replication in Malaysia in terms of Operation Optimization, Reservoir Performance and Well Integrity. This includes all operators in Petroleum Arrangement Contractors (PACs). Below are the new technologies that have been approved in this contract:

  1. FloSure, Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD)
  2. FloFuse Autonomous Water Injection control
  3. Filtrex Thru Tubing Sand Control
  4. PulseEight Wireless Technology

Some of these technologies have been applied successfully in and out of Malaysia already with extensive track records. We are confident that these technologies will help Petronas and other PACs to operate at cost-efficient manner especially in their completions operation.

For more information on our products, please contact us at or

Kuala Lumpur skyline at night, Malaysia, Asia Pacific


December 16, 2020

Press release

Tendeka tree raises £500 for Archie Foundation after Quest donation  

A Christmas tree decorated by Westhill-based energy specialists Tendeka has raised £500 for The Archie Foundation after being bought at auction. 

 The charity held a festive fundraiser across the north and north-east of Scotland with 10 decorated trees going under the hammer after a week of bidding, reaching a grand total of £15,500. 

 Sponsoring companies were encouraged to decorate trees with themes, knowing all efforts was to help raise funds to provide invaluable support to babies, children, young people and their families across Grampian at difficult points in their lives.  Tendeka’s tree had a peacock theme and was decorated in the company’s corporate teal colour as well as silver and purples, with peacocks, chocolate filled globes and wooden toys making the tree stand out for all to see. 

The tree was bought by Dundee-based Quest Precision Engineering and the company has gifted the tree back to Tendeka after establishing a strong partnership in work across the energy sector. 

Alan Pearson, Chief Financial Officer at Tendeka added: “We really appreciate the work the Archie Foundation does and were proud to be involved in this initiativeWe have a long-established relationship with Quest, and we are very grateful to Gordon and the team for ensuring the tree raised valuable funds for families across the region. The plan is to display the tree in our Westhill office over the holidays before looking at what we can do with the decorations longer-term.” 

Gordon Deuchars, managing director of Quest added: “I’m pleased to support Tendeka and The Archie Foundation through the auction, as it’s an extremely worthy cause. We have worked with Tendeka on many projects over the years so we’re more than happy to show our appreciation by gifting the tree back to them to host in the office.” 

 The Archie Foundation supports children’s healthcare in Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee, as well as the Neonatal Ward Aberdeen and Grampian Child Bereavement Network. 

Lynne BrooksGifts & Donations Officer for The Archie Foundation said: “We are hugely grateful to both Tendeka and Quest Precision Engineering for their support in our Christmas Campaign. 2020 has been an extremely difficult year with many of our usual fundraising sources limited, so support from local business has been invaluable. Our bereavement service has seen an understandable rise in referrals of approximately 60% on 2018 and we have also been able to make emergency grants to families for whom costs such as transport to hospital has been a struggle due to the financial impact of COVID. 

(Pictured:  Quest Precision Engineering’s Managing Director Gordon Deuchars (left) with Tendeka’s Customer Services & Supply Chain Director Barry Esson)

Tendeka Christmas Tree


December 10, 2020

Press release

Tendeka appoints new Production Enhancement Manager

Independent global completions service company Tendeka has appointed a new product line manager to drive its production enhancement offering around the world.

Dr Li Jiang will be responsible for bringing new products to market to bolster Tendeka’s Production Enhancement portfolio, generating revenue through fluid technologies that complement Tendeka’s existing tools portfolio. He will also provide technical support on current products and support the chemical additives supply chain for the company’s global customers.

Dr Jiang joins Tendeka from Hexion where he was performance additives manager and previously worked as a principal scientist and engineering manager at Schlumberger. Across his career in oil and gas, he has led the commercialisation of several high-profile products in reservoir completion, drilling and downhole monitoring.

Dr. Jiang, who will be based in Houston, said: “Tendeka has achieved outstanding success through its completions tool portfolio. We now have the exciting opportunity to strengthen an already thriving product line and to enhance our customers’ productivity and profitability. I hope my experience in new product development and commercialisation can add significant value to the company going forward.

“The oil industry is under unprecedented pressure from weakening demand amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the emergence of renewable energy sources. However, I am a believer in Tendeka’s vision to safely and sustainably optimise every drop of energy produced from the reservoir as oil and gas continues to play a key role in the future energy mix.”

Tendeka’s global production enhancement product line provides E&P, saltwater disposal and upstream service companies around the world with innovative and specialty fracturing, acidising, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and flow assurance chemicals that are designed to address challenges in all reservoir types.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, the company’s subsurface engineering, advanced completions and production enhancement teams, solve complex challenges with unique, cost-effective solutions that are a fusion of innovative tools and advanced chemistries.

Brad Baker, CEO of Tendeka added: “There continues to be significant opportunities in the current low commodity price market with operators more likely to opt for financially favourable production enhancement solutions over the logistical, technical and environmental issues associated with drilling new wells.

“In this area, advanced material-based fluids chemistry and engineering can make critical impacts. Li has a wealth of experience in bringing technology to the market and he will be a major asset in supporting our clients around the world.”

Li Jiang headshot