November 28, 2017

Tendeka’s UK Manager Anna Petitt is celebrating winning the ICoTA Quiz Night for the 2nd year running.

The 2nd annual ICoTA Europe Quiz Night took place on the 24th November 2017 at the Mercure Caledonian Hotel, Aberdeen, with the event raising funds to help support the next generation of engineers, as well as for children’s charity Cash for Kids.

Anna’s winning team ‘Two Glasses Short’ proved they weren’t a one hit wonder for general knowledge, and were delighted to take the trophy once again!

Picture (right):  ‘Two Glasses Short’ team members are, from left, Alex Crossland (Ziebel), Anna Petitt (Tendeka), Kenny McAllister (Seal-Tite) and Francis Neill (Ziebel).

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Tendeka staff in front of a christmas tree at ICoTA quiz night


November 27, 2017

Tendeka recently held a technology event with a difference, and one that proved a hit for all who attended ….  and a surprise for those driving past our HQ at Westhill, Aberdeenshire!

Guests of our Laser Show & Drinks Reception on 23rd November 2017 were welcomed to Vanguard House by an outdoor projection on the side of the building.  Inside, all were treated to cocktails, canapes and technology displays, which included PulseEight, Cascade3, FloSure AICD, FloQuest, SwellStack Sealing System.

CTO Annabel Green gave the opening speech, highlighting our recent multi-million-pound contract wins, as well as Tendeka’s latest innovations for production optimisation and advanced completions.

Annabel also revealed key statistics that triggered great discussions throughout the evening:

  • We are one of the biggest sand screen suppliers in the industry – since the oil price dropped in 2014 we have deployed over 700,000ft of screens some of which have been delivered in just over 6 weeks in order to meet our client’s needs. We currently hold 78% market share in screens in Norway – which combined with our 0% market share here in the UK still gives us over 50% of the total N.Sea market.
  • We are pioneers in autonomous inflow control technology and industry leaders in this area with over 23,000 individual devices in over 120 wells for operators across the globe.
  • We have the best distributed temperature sensing data management, visualisation and interpretation software – this is the conclusion of such industry giants as BSP and Exxon, among others.
  • We’ve launched the world’s 1st wireless intelligent interval control valve providing unprecedented functionality for remote downhole control for both new and existing wells.

Vanguard House, the new global headquarters located in Kingshill Commercial Park (East), boasts a state-of-the-art research and development lab and training, product testing and certification facilities.

Our thanks to those who worked with us, turning our ideas into a reality …. AV One  Solutions, Funktioncreep, 10 Dollar Shake, Hudsons Catering







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Blue lasers with Tendeka logo in background


November 20, 2017

As part of November’s Health & Wellbeing initiative at Tendeka, we set up food bank boxes in some of our regional offices.  Colleagues were asked to contribute non-perishable foods to donate to a local food banks.  A huge thank you to everyone who generously contributed.


Tendeka staff at the Houston Foodbank


November 16, 2017

By John Hunter

I thought I would write a few words about the Ultimate Gold Awards, and really I should start from the beginning.  Just over 7 years ago, I broke my collar bone in a cycling crash, I’ve no memory of this, which is probably good as it must have hurt a lot!  While I was home recovering, I started to talk more with a then acquaintance Ali McGill. At the time, Ali was MD of an accountancy company in Aberdeen, but that really didn’t define him.  Ali built his business on great service and a great product that was targeted at the clients individual needs.  I asked Ali where all his ideas and his passion came from and he told me to read ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek (to which I’ve now read more than 10 times).

Fast forward 7 years and I was more than a little surprised to hear that I had been nominated for the Best Employee Award at the Press and Journal Gold Awards.  I’ve known my boss Annabel Green since her Weatherford days and we now work as part of the technology group at Tendeka.  I don’t know what Annabel wrote in the original entry brief, but the nomination was very well received.

The awards night in October was nothing like I had planned or imagined, as I had a last minute trip to Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital followed by cutting my own hand on the umbrella meant we arrived fairly late!  Our company was up for an award, but sadly we didn’t win and I just didn’t have a great feeling about my turn. Well I was wrong, I’ll admit I was quite emotional as I walked up to get the award.  I didn’t set out to do the things I have done to win things, but it’s great to get recognition.  I work in R&D, and most of my days are spent with things not going to plan, we push the limits, try new things, ask ‘what if’ a lot – and when things do go well, it’s great!

It turns out that the judges were really impressed with the SPARK club we created, where we use an innovation process to bring the company together to look at various challenges.  When I pitched the idea to Annabel and our CEO, I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  In my head, it was very much an experiment, I wanted to see If we could get ordinary ‘non creative professionals’ to be creative, disruptive and innovative. The management was all for it, so we got stuck in and the results are that an invention born out of one of these sessions has the potential to be the game-changing product that will enable Oil and Gas completions to enter what is being termed Industrial Revolution 4.0, data and internet of things. Essentially we will enable life of well wireless technology.

A month later I was sat at the table at the AECC with my good friend Ross Webster, he is one of our workshop team and like so many within my group, his fingerprints are all over our success. I strongly believe that you achieve nothing alone, all success is built on a wide network of people all working together.

The award time came, and I was very nervous as I wanted to win. And I did!  I knew from the introduction that it was my time.  I had written a speech that said the right thank yous with a challenge to all to ‘Stay Curious’, you can see in the video of the night where I change my mind. I had 500 or so people from our industry, all listening, all happy and open minded. What was I to do? Pass up the chance to say what my ‘WHY’ was?   No chance!

I do believe to my core that we can all be creative, innovative, disruptive. We are born that way, we have always been so, the way our lives are is solely due to creativity. I believe that things can be made better by people like you and me. All we need to do is Start With Why.

If I had not have broken my collarbone, the series of events that led to the award may not have set in motion. Stay Curious.

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man holding award at the Oil & Gas UK Awards


October 17, 2017

Following a recent award by the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to deliver a lower completions project, Tendeka, a global leader in advanced completions and production optimisation, has been awarded two further contracts in the Middle East.

The multi-million-pound agreements with the Abu Dhabi Onshore Operations Company (ADCO) and Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) will involve the supply of a range of specialised Inflow Control technologies. These technologies enable the effective management of the reservoir in horizontal wells to increase productivity and improve oil recovery.

ADCO’s three-year contract, with a one-year extension, will involve Tendeka’s market-leading zonal isolation products, and full range of inflow control technologies, including their market-leading FloSure Autonomous ICD to be installed across all ADCO fields.

PDO has awarded Tendeka a multi-well trial and one-year deployment contract for the application of FloSure Autonomous ICD across Oman.

Scott Watters, Chief Operating Officer at Tendeka (pictured), said: “These two awards from ADCO and PDO, following on from our entry in to Kuwait, has firmly established Tendeka in the GCC. Our differentiating and innovative FloSure technology, combined with our global supply chain capability, has enabled us to bring real value to these major regional National Oil Companies.”

The multi-million-pound deal with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) will involve Tendeka installing advanced ICD equipment in 55 horizontal wells over two years in Northern Kuwait.

Tendeka is the world leader in ICD technology and has installed over 7,000 passive ICDs and 20,000 Autonomous ICDs globally.

For further information on our inflow control solutions, please go to:

head and shoulder portrait of Scott Watters


October 10, 2017

Tendeka has been awarded a project to supply the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) with its Inflow Control Device (ICD) technology which will enhance production through more effective reservoir management.

The multi-million-pound deal will involve Tendeka installing Advanced ICD equipment in 55 horizontal wells over two years in Northern Kuwait.

Tendeka will perform reservoir simulations for each well, working closely with KOC to ensure optimum reservoir performance.

Scott Watters, Chief Operating Officer with Tendeka, said: “This marks the first independent service company to win such a significant lower completion contract in the GCC.   It’s a significant milestone in our growth in the Middle East and is, I am sure, the first of other such awards.”

Mr Saad Al Ganbar, Chairman with Tendeka’s local business partner, Joint Scientific Group (JSG), added:  “It is a great achievement for the future business of Tendeka and JSG in Kuwait, as it is in line with the KOC strategy for the long-term management of reservoirs with innovative technology. It was the result of great teamwork between the two companies and I am sure will be the beginning of similar wins in Kuwait.”

Tendeka is the world leader in ICD technology and has installed over 7,000 passive ICDs and 20,000 autonomous ICDs globally.

Scott Watters, Tendeka Chief Operating Officer


Kuwairt Skyline at dusk with a small motor boat


We are proud to be one of the founding members of the new WPN Alliance.

This unique partnership brings the world’s performance professionals together, producing the right mix of expertise and technology from one source. It means less complexity and improved commercial and operational results. For every well challenge.

Founding members are Tendeka, XACT Downhole Telementry and Enventure Global Technology.

Learn more about WPN at

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Our Advanced Completions Director John Hunter won the category Best Employee of the Year at this year’s Press and Journal Gold Awards 2017.

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September 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey brings devastation, but also acts of kindness and reminder about the need for insurances!

 By Suzanne Stewart, VP North & South America

Monday 28th August 2017  – I was woken at 6am by flashing lights and the sound of what turned out to be a rescue vehicle taking some of my neighbours to dry land after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.  It had been raining hard since Friday and the water level in the street was about waist deep.  The night before, we had barricaded the doors and moved what we could upstairs and went to bed thinking what will be will be.

At first, the damage didn’t seem that bad, it was only a couple of inches of water after all!   Then I squelched my way across the carpet and realised that the base boards were divorcing themselves from the walls and the dry wall was no longer dry and there really shouldn’t be flip flops floating across the hallway.  The reality of how much damage 2 inches of water can do began to sink in.

My immediate thought was how I wish I had gotten round to buying flood insurance.  Like 85% of the people who got flooded during Hurricane Harvey, I hadn’t paid the additional $400 for flood insurance.  I wasn’t in a flood plain!  How stupid did I feel!  However, after taking a very deep breath, we started formulating a plan!

Carpets and underlay were removed in small pieces (wet carpet is very heavy and smells a lot like wet dog!) but the water was still seeping into the house through the weep holes in the walls.  It was obvious that we would have to wait for the water level to recede before we could get started on the real demolition.

By Wednesday, the water level had dropped enough to allow access to the street, so along with some destructive friends (including our very own CTO Annabel Green who got stuck in Houston due to the flooding), we got to work!

We were making slow progress and coming to the conclusion that none of us were used to physical labour when around 6 total strangers appeared at the door wielding sledge hammers, crow bars, 10lb hammers and other miscellaneous tools of destruction.  Under normal circumstances, I would have called the police but these kind souls were here to help with no expectations other than a cold beer at the end of it.

Within a few hours, the open plan concept had been taken to the extreme!  I thanked the strangers from the bottom of my heart for wrecking my house and they picked up tools and moved on to the next disaster zone!

Turns out that this sort of act of kindness is what people do in a crisis.

During the days that followed, many unpaid demolition crews including football teams, scouts and church groups were helping endless households in trouble.  People could be seen driving around handing out pizza, beer, cleaning supplies and helping in any way they possibly could.  Families were welcoming strangers made homeless from the floods into their homes and donating provisions to the thousands of displaced households.

Nobody wants to be in this situation but the feeling of community spirit is heartening.

Our house is now free of water (and walls) and the wood has dried out and I tell anyone who will listen to get round to buying flood insurance.

Next stage is getting a contractor to put it all back together again!  Watch this space!!

Rubbish pile showing damage from flood


September 13, 2017

Our award-winning FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) is an effective solution for increasing oil production over the life of the field. The device preferentially chokes unwanted produced fluids, whilst promoting production of oil from the entire length of the well.

Flosure Autonomous Inflow Control Device logo on black background