Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

SigNet Permanent Wireless Intelligent Completions

Multi-zone interval control within laterals and balanced lateral contribution.

SigNet™ wireless intelligent completion technology is an innovative cable-free combination of measurement, inflow control and downhole power generation that enables unprecedented completion design flexibility.  The benefits of intelligent completions can now be realized in applications where it is not possible to run control lines or where well construction constraints mean separate trips are required for the upper and lower completions.

The modularity of the SigNet range means we are sure to have a solution that meets your needs; whether that be a low-cost, single zone solution, full multi-lateral measurement and control or open hole completion.

Wireless Technologies

The number of downhole monitoring and control systems being deployed is increasing, due to a demand to increase recovery rates from mature fields and maximize production from new, complex reservoirs.

Tendeka has developed SigNet™ wireless intelligent completion technology to provide operators with more options to extend the life of their existing assets, and to develop new fields more effectively.


  • Retrofit systems for existing well architectures
  • In-lateral monitoring and control for multilateral wells
  • Open hole completions
  • Two trip completions
  • Multi-zone production optimization
  • High-reservoir-contact wells
  • Multi-zone well commissioning

Features and Benefits

  • Place intelligent completion and monitoring devices inside laterals
  • Intervention deployed intelligent well technology
  • Equip each well with more ICVs
  • Remove physical connections between upper and lower completions
  • Reduce feed-through requirements from wellhead and production packers
  • Rotate lower completion while running in hole
  • Reduce well construction costs
  • Eliminate single point critical failure modes
  • Suitable for wide range of fluid and flow regimes in production and injection wells

Zonal Isolation

Whether you seek long-term compartmentalization of producing zones, or pressure sealing during fracturing operations, look to Tendeka to meet all your zonal isolation demands.


  • High pressure annular isolation in open-hole multistage fracturing to ensure fluid diversion.
  • Wellbore compartmentalisation for optimal performance of inflow control completions
  • Effective annular isolation in multi-horizontal wells to enable effective interval control and zonal shut-off
  • Isolation of formations within the reservoir to eliminate problem zones
  • Provides annular barrier to isolate the reservoir from the well annulus as cement integrity assurance or in side-tracked wells

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