Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

Wireless Technologies

Tendeka's focus on delivering downhole measurement and inflow control wirelessly has created the SigNet product line of wireless intelligent completions technology.

The number of downhole monitoring and control systems being deployed is increasing due to a demand to increase recovery rates from and maximize production from complex reservoirs.

Tendeka has developed SigNet™ wireless intelligent completion technology to provide operators with more options to extend the life of their existing assets, and to develop new fields more effectively.

Signet technology uses a unique pressure pulse telemetry suitable for multi-phase fluid environments that uses the existing wellhead pressure transducers and chokes to interface with the intelligent completion. No addition specialized equipment is required beyond the ICVs and gauges themselves either in the well or at the topsides.

Control and monitoring of the intelligent completion system is achieved with control room integrated software, offering remote and web based interfacing.


  • Two trip completions can be deployed without the need for complex wet connections within the well
  • Wireless intelligent completions can be installed within the lateral or multi-lateral wells to provide both monitoring and interval control
  • Intervention deployed intelligent well technology for existing well architectures
  • Wireless telemetry can address each tool individually results in no limitation on the number of ICVs that can be deployed in a wellbore
  • Significant cost and complexity benefits can be achieved by eliminating topside modules and control line deployment


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