Liner Hanger System for Open-hole Multi-stage Stimulation Completions

January 28, 2015


The FracRight DHP Liner Hanger has been specifically designed for use with open-hole multi-zone completions focusing on the leading edge operations in the Bakken.  This paper describes the design and qualification process through the three core functionalities: DEPLOY – HANG – PACK


It is the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques that has made the Bakken one of the most important sources of new oil production in the U.S.  With an estimated 400 billion barrels in place the prize for increasing recovery is great and operators here have led the way: extending lateral lengths and increasing fracture stages.  The combination of shale and dolomite in the Bakken and Three Forks formations, and the presence of vertical to sub-vertical natural fractures make open-hole multi-zone completions the most effective solution.  An average well drilled in the Bakken today is 10,000ft long with over 60 frac stages delivering 3% – 6% recovery rates.

Reliable performance of the completion is a prerequisite for economic operations and while most frac sleeves do deliver, the liner hangers have not always met this requirement.   Many hangers have been adapted from use in conventional cemented applications or were designed with shorter, lighter open-hole systems. Combining local experience with our innovative completion design capability Tendeka has developed a robust and reliable liner hanger system that is effective and economical in these unconventional plays.

DHP Liner Hanger Design

The FracRight DHP liner hanger has simple functionality combined with fail-safe features to make it a reliable deployment system for multi-stage frac completions.  The key functionalities are defined by the three main areas of operation:


  •  200,000lbs tensile and compressive load capability for deployment of up to 100 sleeves in a 10,000ft lateral
  •  Rotational lock to allow for high torque to be applied in tight wellbores
  •  Built in anti-preset feature combining pressure activated shear pins and dogs eliminates the risk of premature setting or release from the hanger


  •  Hydraulic setting mechanism with double grip slips to safeguard hanging system against potential overload
  •  Efficient hydraulic release features initiated during the setting procedure allows the setting tool to be released by straight pull
  •  Secondary mechanical rotational release to ensure successful operation


  •  Utilizes hydraulic and compression forces to create an effective 10,000psi seal
  •  Anti-Extrusion back-up rings on element the DHP meets the standards of ISO 14310 V3

Design Qualification

Tendeka’s New Product Development (NPD) process establishes internal controls for the rigorous qualification of any new equipment prior to field deployment.  For the FracRight DHP packer the designed qualification program simulated the deployment and setting of the hanger in field conditions and established its performance to a standard exceeding ISO 14310 V3.

The testing program was performed using a temperature controlled chamber with annulus and tubing pressure regulation.  A load compensator was used to simulate tubing loads.  Testing was 3rd party witnessed for both minimum and maximum casing ID ranges for 7” 23 – 32 lb/ft

Liner Hanger Setting


Hanging Capacity


Pressure and Load Conditions



The FracRight DHP has been purpose built and tested for application in unconventional plays and open-hole completions. It combines functionality and simplicity to deliver a reliable and economic liner hanger for horizontal multi-zone completions.